A lot to get done, still time to enjoy weather

I got home from work and Pumpkin was sucking on a straw, drinking some milk just after waking up from her nap. Nanny headed home and I changed Pumpkin and added some shoes, socks and a hooded sweatshirt. I got changed into running clothes and I put Pumpkin in her chair for a snack. I got the stroller down and got some dinner started. Heath came home and changed then we stuck Pumpkin in the stroller and went for a run. We stopped by a neighbors house briefly then ran pretty far. It was super nice and we had a real good jog through the neighborhood a ways and then along the trail.

Once home we messed around outside and in the garage a bit then got more of dinner going. We were not all that hungry at first and both had a lot to do on the computers so we set up a station at the kitchen table in the corner that we could guard against baby attacks.

Pumpkin loves buttons and laptops are full of them. She was able to sneak up between us acting sweet and cute a few times but once she was in range her button pushing fingers deployed and we had to fight her back down to the floor and then lour her away with snacks.

Heath got a bunch of bills paid and I had a bunch of work work. I took lots of breaks to get the grill going and flip things on it and check food for burning etc. Eventually Heath was done paying bills and dinner was ready and I was waiting on some files to transfer so we ate dinner. We were all starving so I took our plates to the grill and tossed on all the stuff I had grilled.

Asparagus, cabbage and chicken topped with onions and cheddar.Pumpkin was grouchy at dinner and did not really want any of her own food. She wanted everything we had but once I gave her asparagus she tried it, spit it out then started reaching for cabbage so I gave her some she tried it spit it out and reached for chicken. I gave her a little bite but she was not interested in a little bite so I put the whole breast on her tray. She picked at it a bit then realized it was impossible to eat and reached for my pasta salad. I pointed to he existing pile of it so she reached for the buffalo sauce. I put her finger in a little from the lid then put it in her mouth. I expected her to not like it and leave me alone and go back to her dinner but she wanted more. I gave her a little more and she still wanted more so i dipped some noodles and chicken in it and she ate them up.

Eventually I discovered she really just wanted to chew on the bottle. While eating we watched the end of season 5 of Dexter so we are all caught up and have no more to watch till they make more. We had a few episodes to watch so spend quite a while watching, working on the computer and eating. After dinner Heath put Pumpkin in pajamas, I cleared the table and got us some sherbet. We shared with Pumpkin and she was super happy about it. We played, worked and watched tv till all of us went to bed. I got up early and did a bit more work then came in early to finish it up before my users came in.


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