Doing Dad Stuff

I’m in a rush this morning as I have a remote in Columbia and need to leave soon. Last night was a fun night.

Heath picked up Pumpkin from the substitute babysitter and everything went great. It was super nice out so we changed and headed to the park.

It was full of kids and Pumpkin was pretty interested in them. I think she had a really good time playing and going down the slides.

She did have one little accident running too fast on the sidewalk and she showed us her sad face.

But a few minutes later she was going down the spiral slide and happy again.

Then we drug her away from the playground and went for a quick jog. While running we realized it was getting late and we had somewhere to be so rushed back to the van and home. We changed real quick then went to a Parents as Teachers Advisory Board Meeting. It was a big room divided in the middle. Pumpkin went to the play side with the babysitters and cheese pizza and we went to the adult side with table and chairs and pizzas with toppings. It was a small group of parents and parent teachers. We ran through an agenda and talked about the program and upcoming events and ways to make things better.

I was not sure what to expect at first but it was actually pretty cool other then 1 parent that would not stop talking so the leader could move things along. It seemed like this parent never got to talk to adults so when she found herself around some she let all the words she knew come out. Near the end of the meeting the adult side door opened and a babysitter was carrying Pumpkin in. Some little boy had dumped a bottle of water on her and she was upset. I got her and rushed her home for a change of clothes. Heath finished up the meeting. Pumpkin and I came back and there were like 5 minutes left but Pumpkin was pretty clingy so I stayed on the kid side and played with the kids.

After the meeting we grabbed our bags, a quarter and a list of trip supplies and headed to Aldi. They were closeing soon so we rushed but this didn’t stop us from getting most of what we needed and then some.

Pumpkin had eaten some pizza but was still hungry so we were opening food as we were shopping and putting it in her mouth. Her favorite was the mini bagel and she was snacking on it the rest of the night.

Once home we unpacked groceries and made dinner. We had not eaten much pizza and wanted something a bit healthier. I made a bean salad and BLT+E sandwiches.

Heath washed Pumpkin in the sink after doing the dishes then we fed Pumpkin a bit more before bed and laid her down.Then we sat on the couch and ate and watched House.

After my dinner was gone I cut up a bunch of fruit and tossed it in the dehydrator. This morning it looked and tasted great.

Alright gota go.




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  1. Brian says:

    DAmn, that BLT+E sandwich looks sooo tasty!

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