Tired Girl

I don’t know if we got a boogyman or what but Pumpkin is having a tough time going to sleep in her bed. Friday night we put her to bed at normal time but she played in there till we were going to bed. Saturday and Sunday nights she about fell asleep while eating dinner so we put her to bed early but once in bed she started screwing around and not sleeping. Yesterday I got her up from her nap and found her sleeping like this.

Hopefully a little vacation will put her back on track.

Friday I had a remote broadcast from the Broadway Brewery in Columbia

It was a show about a film festival and due to a long lunch and a lot of driving I was busy most of the day.

Around lunch time I started to get a little headache and pressure in my sinuses. When I got home from work that night I was pretty sure I was getting sick. I cheated dinner and used some frozen fake ribs things for the main course but Peanut still enjoyed them.

We had a pretty relaxing night and stayed home and goofed off a bit and got ready for our trip.

Friday night besides Pumpkin not sleeping I could not breath through my nose and got a pretty bad night of sleep. In the morning I was beat and tried to get some stuff done early. I changed the fish tank water out, made pancakes for the kids and did some cleaning up and packing for the trip. Ohh Friday I put a second load of fruit in the dehydrator and Saturday I unloaded it.

Then I loaded it up again with 2 pineapples and a bunch of deer jerky.

While I was setting up the sweet lemon ginger jerky, everyone else was making a giant tub of trail mix.

After that I was ready for a nap. Heath and Peanut went out to lunch and then shopping for a while and Pumpkin and I laid down for naps. We may have slept for 15-30 minutes but I’m not sure I just know I didn’t sleep long before I heard her not sleeping. We got up and I fed her and tried to keep her entertained until Heath and Peanut got home.

Once they were home I went back to bed but could not breath well enough to get any sleep. So I got up and took some medicine and watched movies on the couch with everyone. Heath made Mexican pizzas for dinner then we all went to bed. I took some medicine and slept pretty well. Sunday I woke up feeling pretty crummy but felt better as the day went on. Early in the afternoon we took the kids to my mom’s then went to a kitchen remodel class at Home Depot. It was kind of a mess and no one at the store new anything about it though I showed them it on their website and Heath had called Friday and reserved our spots. The staff was nice enough and told us some stuff and we learned a bit and figured out how to proceed. Then we ran a few errands and picked up the kids. Once home we grabbed our library stuff and returned it and got new books and cds for the trip. Once home again we started cleaning out the van. The kids played outside while we were cleaning until Pumpkin tried to climb into the fish pond.

Then I got her out of her cold wet clothes and into a warm sink bath. I got her all warm and clean then let her play till Heath and Peanut were done with the van. I got dinner cooking while watching Pumpkin.

Everyone came in and we ate dinner. I made some chicken veggie casserole thing and pudding for dessert. Pumpkin nearly fell asleep while eating again so we put her to bed mid dinner.

Peanut took forever to finish eating and while waiting on him we got the dishes done and the kitchen clean and stuff ready for Monday. Then he showered and went to bed. Heath and I watched a little bit of Weeds then went to bed early. I’m still fighting this cold pretty good but got called into work early so I’m working today.

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  1. Brian says:

    That vid of Pumpkin falling asleep is great!

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