We Are Grown Up

When I got home Pumpkin and Nanny were playing some sort of game with nerf balls and bouncing them off the couch. Pumpkin was having a good time and did not do her typical run to me for a hug when I get in the door. Nanny got ready to go and Pumpkin knew it was time for a snack.

Pumpkin ate and I cut up some more peppers for our dinner and got things ready. Heath and Peanut came home and we talked a little bit about what we still need to get ready and how worn out Heath was. None of us were all that hungry so we postponed dinner so Heath could take a nap and the kids and I could make a Wal-Mart run for more stuff. We had an ambitious list and a baggy of raisins and cheerios.

I thought the trip might be terrible but it went really well. The kids behaved for the most part and we found everything we went for pretty efficiently and did not end up with too much extra stuff. Once home we unloaded the car and I put on Sesame Street for Pumpkin and Peanut took a quick shower. I fired up the stove top. I had everything ready so the fajitas were ready pretty quick we also had a pot with a mix of rice, corn and pinto beans w/ some salsa and seasoning in it. Heath got up while we were getting dinner ready and we all sat down and made our plates.
My Plate

Peanut’s Plate

and Pumpkin

I didn’t get one of Heath’s. It was getting late and right after dinner we moved into dessert. Then Peanut headed to bed and Heath and Pumpkin brushed teeth with him. Then I got Pumpkin in pajamas and we had a few relaxing books and some rocking and humming then she laid down for bed. Heath started folding laundry and I started bottling beer.


I got everything set up in the kitchen and realized I had not planned ahead enough and refrigerated one of my prior home brews. So before I got started I filled a bowl with ice, water and salt then stuck a warm beer in it.

It cooled off quick and I got set up to bottle. I had a little disaster at first with my auto-siphon then abandoned it on the first bucket and used the nozzle instead. This worked pretty good and I filled a dozen or bottles. Then I poured myself a glass of beer and took a little bottling video.

I bottled some more and Heath got curious and came in to check things out. I got her to help me out and we finished off the IPA.


I left a beer or two worth in the bucket because it was mostly yeast.  IMG_0104

Heath started capping the bottles and I got the dark wheat ready. I only got bottles ready for 1/2 of it and I had dreams of bottling 1/2 then adding fresh cherries and letting the rest sit a few weeks then bottling it but I had no cherries. I cleaned out the IPA bucket then siphoned 1/2 the wheat into it.


While it was moving we boxed up all the freshly capped IPA.


It’s drinkable but needs to age for a few weeks. Then we added some extra sugar to 1/2 the wheat and bottled it up. Once we ran out of beer there was a bit left and I don’t like to waste beer so I filled a glass then Heath helped me get the last of it out of the bucket.


Everything was between 60-70F and not carbonated at all yet but I still had to try a little.


That is the dark wheat on the left and the IPA on the right. Heath and I both drank some and both thought they were really good. Heath was not wild about the flatness but but I am really excited for these to finish up.

The kitchen was a giant mess but it was late so we went to bed. This morning I got up early and cleaned all the equipment and kitchen.

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  1. Brian says:

    I need to find a reason to come over and try some!

  2. Heather says:

    Hello! – kitchen layout ideas! or just to drink some homebrew!

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