After work I went home briefly to change clothes, grab a quarter and my tow strap then headed to meet the kids and Heath at the park. I was really feeling tired after getting home at 4am then going to work at 10 but it was nice out and the kids were all rested up and ready to play.

They ran around, dug, slid, climbed and swung for a bit then we decided it was time to go. We all headed over to Aldi and restocked our empty fridge. Instead of taking our groceries home we headed over to see Amanda and Alli. Amanda had cooked up a big casserole of green eggs with hash browns and bacon and stuff in it and picked up some Guiness for St. Patrick’s day.

Jon got home from work and while dinner was cooking we headed outside to work on the econoline van. It was parked in Jon’s yard and the city wrote him a letter asking him to move it to an approved surface. We jumped it with my truck then it started and we drove it to the back of his driveway. Sometime soon we will spend the 30 minutes or so getting it running so I can drive it home and put it up for sale.

Stooks showed up and we all headed inside for the beer and eggs. Then Jon and Stooks walked to the bars to get Irish and we headed home to unpack groceries, unpack from the trip and get the kids cleaned up and ready for bed. Peanut spent the rest of the night in the tub watching a video and getting clean. Heath and I unpacked and cleaned up and put away stuff while Pumpkin ran around us. I gave Pumpkin a shower then Heath put her in pajamas and we read to her and got her in bed.

I was out of energy and laid down in bed while Heath read to Peanut and got him ready for bed. Pumpkin had been quiet in her crib but decided she was not ready for bed and started fussing. Heath checked on her a few times but she would not go to bed and she seemed determined to keep me awake. Eventually we all got to bed.

I hope to work on the rest of our ski trip posts soon and show off all the great pictures and adventures.
 IMG_0377 Tonight or tomorrow we would like to have a little beer party. While in Fort Collins we picked up a Growler of New Belgium’s 1554

and another of O’ Dell Brewery’s Hopping Goat.  IMG_0444

They are 1/2 a gallon each.

We filled them up on Thursday and they are supposed to stay carbonated for 6 days so we better drink up this weekend. If your looking for something to do let me know. Also I’m going to warn you that I may not have my mighty beard for much longer. It feels like spring is coming and it’s a bit bushy for this climate.

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