Spring Break 2011 Day 2 “To the Range”


We tried to sleep in but did not do a great job and were up around 7 or so after hearing Peanut and Pumpkin playing in the crib.

Peanut had gotten up to use the bathroom and was trying to be considerate and was keeping the baby entertained so we could sleep in. We all headed to the lobby for the continental breakfast and it was not bad. Then we showered, packed up and checked out. There was a big park around the corner and we let the kids burn off some energy and then hit the road for a 5 hour trip to the ski area.

Pumpkin fell asleep early on. I typed up some of my posts and we all listened to This American Life. On the way we stopped for some cheep gas and we stopped at a random Wildlife area.

Thea area was just a little gravel pull off of a small highway but there was a fence with a ram

and a handful of bison.

We ran some races, watched the animals and took some pictures then got back on the road. In the afternoon we arrived at Laramie, WY and checked into our hotel. We really just took 1 load of stuff in, tossed a pile of enchiladas into the crock pot then got back on the road. We thought we could rent all our ski gear the night before so we headed to the ski lodge.  IMG_0236

It was about a 45 minute drive and as we worked our way up the mountain we got into some snow. This got us pretty excited.  We could not take our gear the day before but we got our forms all filled out and they would get our gear ready and waiting for us to pick up in the morning. We wondered around a bit and then headed up to the cafeteria and found a bar and a band. There was a big snowboard tournament going on this Saturday and the place was packed. The kids ran around the tables and danced to the loud bluegrass band and we got some beers and watched.  It had been a long day and we were ready to head to the room/pool. We drove this hotel to lodge drive every day and always saw a lot of pronghorn and mule deer.


Once back at the room we found our enchiladas smelling awesome, we turned them from high to low and then put on swimsuits and hit the pool.


We played in the pool and hot tub then our stomachs took over and we went back to the room for our homemade meal. The kids showered while we got food ready. We sat at a little table in the room and made big plates of Mexican. IMG_0256

After dinner we took it easy and got unpacked and ready for bed. Once the kids were in bed Heath and I walked down the street 1/2 a block to a bar. We were tired but not go to bed at 8pm with the kids kind of tired. I got big beer and Heath got a big fishbowl. We hung out at the bar a bit then headed out. When we left it was pouring giant snowflakes and there was already an inch or so on the ground. We ran in crocks back to the hotel and instead of being tired we were wound up and a little wet. We decided to share a beer in the stairwell and cool off. Then we did go to bed.

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