Spring Break 2011 Day 3 Learn to Ski


Luckily I had set an alarm and after a bit of a restless sleep it woke us up and we quickly grabbed our gear for the day and headed to the lobby for breakfast. While eating we watched a bit about the earthquakes in Japan and then overheard other guests talking about a highway being closed from last night’s snow. It was not the highway up the mountain but the highway to get to that one. After breakfast I went to clean the snow off the van and Heath and Peanut tried to find out if we could get to the mountains. We didn’t really find any good info so decided to try. We took a little different route and then found them opening the highway just before we got to it.  We were in a convoy of other vehicles and we all slowly made our way up.  We had planned to be there early to get rentals, tickets and signed up for ski school but the snow had slowed us down. Luckily the time change had slowed everyone down and we were one of the first ones there. We quickly got all our stuff and took Peanut to school.


He was pretty excited once he saw the other kids and coloring books. We got him all set then he headed off with his new friend in school also from KC and his teacher Casey.


Then Heath and I got ready and hopped on the lift.


This was a perfect morning. There was a couple inches of fresh powder, very few people on the mountain and it was not too cold and not too hot.


We stuck to easy runs and reminded ourselves how to ski and we both did great.


After a few hours we went to pick up Peanut and eat our lunch. I had left a granola bar in his pocket and he had already eaten it and we were all ready for lunch. I grabbed a bag from the van and we made summer sausage sandwiches and tuna on mini bagel sandwiches.

These were really good and we also ate granola, trail mix, peanuts, oranges, and fruit snacks. We ate, drank lots of water and rested up then headed to the bunny hill. Peanut had had a fun morning but I was not convinced he had really learned anything. They had really worked over walking in the snow and being comfortable in skis but he had not skied any. So before his afternoon lessons we headed up the little hill.


He had a lot to learn but was excited and we made it down the hill just fine. Heath and I didn’t know yet but we would be talking about making pizza, making french fries and making “S”s a lot over the next 3 days.


We found the best way to work with Peanut early on was me to hold the back of his jacket and keep him from flying down the mountain and telling him what he needs to do.


Once we finally made it down the hill, it was time for ski school and this time Heath and Peanut were both going. I dropped them off then hit the mountain. I was pretty comfortable on my skis now and worked my way all over the place. I didn’t really stop for pictures or breaks or anything. It was not a real crowded place and I was able to head from lift to run to lift all over the place and made a ton of runs.

At 3:30 the schools were over and I picked up Heath and Peanut and we decided to get 1 big easy green run in before the lifts close at 4.  IMG_0295

We headed up the mountain and talked with Peanut about his afternoon. He had rode the ski lift and done some actual downhill skiing but his instructor thought he may need more school. I knew he had a long day so helped him a lot on this last run. I held him up getting off the lift and pretty much picked him up anytime he fell but he was a lot better then he had been after the morning lesson.


Sometimes he would slip or get nervous and lay down.


It took us a while but we eventually made it down the mountain and then headed home. We had all had a great day. Once at the room we checked on Donna and Pumpkin and heard about their day. Then we went back to the pool and cooled off and did some hot tubing. We had gotten a crock pot meal ready the night before and then Donna had started it when she got up so after swimming we crowded around our small table and served up a great pot of BBQ beef roast, potatoes and onions.

After dinner we packed up things for the next day and got the kids in bed. They were ready after a busy day.

Then Heath and I ran to Walmart to get food for the next day. Also my face was getting sunburned so we got aloe and sunscreen. We were pretty worn out after a long day and a tough night and went to bed.

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  1. Brian says:

    Man that looks like fun… I have still never gone skiing. 🙁

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