Spring Break 2011 Day 4 Peanut Can Ski Now

Monday morning we had a pretty rough night sleeping and I got up but was moving pretty slow. We ate a slow breakfast then got some gas and big coffees and headed up the mountain. We signed Peanut up for ski school again but they only had spots available in the afternoon so the morning training was up to us. Once my coffee was gone and I was in my skis I felt much better.

We picked long easy green slopes and worked our way from one end of the area to the other. IMG_0317
Peanut got better and better with each run.


He got a little frustrated late in the morning so we took a break and had a snack. Just as we were finishing up an instructor and student stopped by to make sure we were ok. The student was Peanut’s friend from the day before and for the rest of the morning Peanut was motivated to do better then this kid. We skied pretty late before stopping for a lunch break.


We had just enough time to eat a big meal and drink a bunch of water before we needed to take Peanut to his afternoon class. Heath and I dropped him off and then hit the slopes on our own again.

We had a nice afternoon and skied for a while but training Peanut was hard work and a bit later we were feeling a bit beat.


So we took advantage of the time alone and headed to the bar. We split a pitcher of beer and regained our strength then picked up Peanut from school at hit the slopes more.Peanut was great now and we were able to get 2 nice runs in before the lifts closed.

We headed back to the hotel and decided to eat before we swim this time. We had a crock pot full of chicken, noodles and vegetables all covered in cheese and really good. You can see my sunburn from the first day pretty good now and actually it was better then it had been the day before.


After dinner Peanut and I went for a swim and relaxed our muscles in the hot tub. We spent much of the night getting our gear and the hotel room ready for check out.The kids went to bed and Heath and I went out. We had heard of a local brewery pub and decided to check it out. It was right across from the university and was called the library. We tested most everything they brewed and many were really tasty. I had my fill and then a water or two and we paid and got back to the hotel. It was our last night in Laramie so we decided to go back to the bar next to the hotel and get 1 more drink and some food from the free nacho machine. Eventually we made our way to bed.



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  1. Heather says:

    I forgot about the delicious Nachoes! Those were great!

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