Spring Break 2011 Day 5 Bye Bye WY


It was another rough night trying to sleep but we had a lot to do so there was no time to be tired. I got up first went to eat on my own then went and woke everyone up. While they were eating breakfast I loaded almost all the gear in the van. Then I caught up with them and helped feed Pumpkin. Then we all drove up the mountain. Donna dropped Heath, Peanut and me off then headed back to town with the van. Peanut was a little disappointed he would not be in ski school but we told him we were really looking forward to skiing with him.  IMG_0340

He did great and we all had a really good day. Peanut looked like a veteran ridding the lift on his own and now had several lift tags spread about his coat.

I carried our lunch and snacks on my back and we took a morning snack on the mountain and then had lunch in the cafeteria. It was a pretty warm day and in the afternoon we took another break at the edge of the bar where beer glasses were allowed and so were kids. Durring this break we watched an extreme ski video. We kept an eye out for Donna and Pumpkin but did not see them so we skied every run in the late afternoon like it may be our last and kept going till the lifts closed.


Then we turned in our rentals, took off some gear and hit the road. Donna had checked us out of the hotel and we hit the road to Fort Collins, Colorado. On the way we decided a few things. First, as this was the last night of vacation in a hotel and the next would be an all night drive it was important that Heath and I get some sleep. So we changed our 1 hotel room reservation to a 2 hotel room reservation. Second, we wanted wood fired pizza for dinner.  Our first stop in Ft. Collins was a mountain store that rented snow shoes. We talked to the salesman and found there was no close snow and would not need snow shoes for anything close and would not have time to drive anywhere far. Our next stop was a place called Woody’s that had a great pizza buffet with special unique pizza’s, a salad bar and beer specials. Everyone was happy and the place turned out to have great pizza.

It was a little late when we got to the hotel so we just unpacked the minimums and got the kids cleaned up and in bed. Then Heath and I headed to our own room, unpacked our swim suits and went to sit in the hot tub a few minutes then went to sleep. It was a great night and the only one on the trip we did not wake up in the middle of.

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