Well Now My Neck is Cold

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Friday Morning                                    Friday Evening                              Monday Morning

Friday was a pretty busy day and after a remote broadcast I never really got lunch. So I was starving at the end of the day and Heath and Pumpkin decided to get dinner immediately from Lew’s happy hour menu. Stephen and Stooks came too and we loaded up on chicken tenders, nachos and catfish bites. Pumpkin changed her mind a few minutes after we got our food and remembered she was sick and crabby. Heath and i took turns distracting her for a while but eventually she got a hold of a big cup of buffalo sauce and tossed it on me so Heath took her home. Becky joined us and we finished our food and beers then headed home so that I could check on the girls and everyone else could watch KU. Once home I got some bottles from Brian soaking.


I buzzed off my mustache and Heath helped cut my hair. We cleaned up the house and worked on a few projects. I had some more support to add in the basement.


Heath helped a bit but also decided to start renovations in the basement bedroom. We worked until the game was over then we put Pumpkin to bed and Stooks and Stephen came over and we opened up the hopping goat.


We headed out to the deck were it was cool but not cold and there was a bright moon. The beer was really good and enjoyed by all. Heath and I were still pretty worn out from our trip so after the growler was empty everyone headed home and we went to bed.

In the morning the 3 of us slept in fairly good but when Pumpkin got up she was not happy. She was coughing pretty bad w/ runny nose and just an angry attitude. (angrier then this) Also she was not eating anything.

So we took her to the doctor to make sure there was no ear infection or anything. It was pretty rough at the doctor and she was just angry and screaming. He checked her out and confirmed it was just a cold and we should give her some benedryl to dry her out and try to get her lots of sleep. On the way home we picked up some ice cream and Pumpkin fought us at first but then ate a whole McDonalds sundae. Once her tummy was full we gave her some benedryl and she laid down for a nap. I did a little work on the kitchen remodel by removing a section of the wall in baby jail.

Stooks came over and I made lunch. After lunch we converted the kitchen and garage into a brewery and started off by bottling.

 IMG_0476 IMG_0477

We bottled the 2nd half of my dark wheat and ended up with a perfect 24.  IMG_0478then Then we set up to start brewing a red ale.


Stooks and I got the burner going and warming our water. Then Heath and Stephen joined us. We made beer tea with grians in warm water for 30 minutes then added our barley and mixed it all up.  IMG_0482

Then we put it back on the burner and got it boiling and added the hops. This took a while so we opened our other growler of 1554, brought out a bunch of dehydrated fruit and jerky and Heath made some spiked hot coco.


After an hour of hops boiling we moved the kettle inside and cooled it as fast as we could. Then we moved it to the fermenting bucket and filled it to the 5 gallon mark. Then we took a gravity reading and recorded it.  IMG_0484

I had added a little honey so we were a little stronger then the recipe called for. Then we added yeast and packed the bucket away for a couple weeks.The next morning we could already see the yeast working hard

Everyone headed home, Pumpkin got up and we headed to dinner with my family. We went to a Chinese buffet, stuffed our faces and talked about our vacation. Pumpkin was back to her normal self surprisingly quick. She was eating good, talking good and not angry at all. (happier then this)

After dinner we headed home and were so full we could barely move. We had a handful of episodes left in the last season of Weeds and fell into the couch and watched them all. Then we went to bed.

Sunday morning I got back after the remodel full force right away.  IMG_0499
My first goal was to add support in this wall so it can support a large beam in the attic. I got the position all measured out then went to find 2x4s to add. I didn’t have any long enough so thought about going to the store for some but I knew were some were I just needed to get to them from inside this wall.  IMG_0493

Heath and I decided to go ahead and take down some more of the wall that we are getting rid of and reuse the wood. So I got a hammer and a few pry bars and got busy.
It looked like fun and Pumpkin really wanted to help.


but instead we made her ride her pony.

I worked hard and before long much of the wall was gone.


Heath and Pumpkin went to a birthday party and I kept removing. I decided to get some boards from another part of the wall and kept on going.

Eventually all the trim, wood paneling and drywall was gone. I cleaned up some, added the studs to the wall I started on and began putting things back together.

First I put this wall all back together.

I put the drywall and trim back up too but forgot to get a specific picture of it. I had a lot of nails to find and drywall to clean up and spent a long time cleaning. Actually while putting that wall back together the lack of food and water in my body and the high temperature of the house got to me and I took a lunch break. Eventually the shop van and me got everything all cleaned up. Heath and Pumpkin came home and helped me move everything around and we rearranged a bit.

Then Heath got busy cleaning up and organizing baby jail and I got busy making dinner and Pumpkin got busy messing up baby jail and driving Heath crazy.

This wall coming down was not quite as awesome as the last wall but it still feels a lot more open. For structural support I needed to leave several studs but I can’t wait to get rid of them too.


Heath did a real nice job on baby jail too.  IMG_0514

I was super hungry and we had a real nice feast. Actually we had started the bread maker early in the day with a loaf from my brewing leftover spent grains.

It smelled awesome cooking all day. I fried up potatoes, onions and peppers in one pan and beans, onion and bacon in another.

I tossed 2 big deer steaks on the grill.

They had marinated in mustard, terriaki some random seasonings and some home brew amber ale.

Finally we were done working for the day and sat down to eat and relax.

Once my plate was clear I had some bread and jam.

The bread has a really good smell and taste but is strangely salty.This was about it for the night. Pumpkin and I took showers and went to bed early and we watched Quantum of Solace but that is it.



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