Trying to Start a Productive Week

I was not home after work for long before changing and heading to Jon’s house. Jon and I put the little bracket and tensioner pulley back into the Econoline then wrapped the belt around everything and tightend down half a dozen screws and bolts then jumped the van with my truck and in no time the van was back in action.

Jon headed in to eat and I headed home and cooked up dinner. On the way I saw a little pile of free firewood and snagged it.  Heath, Pumpkin and Jendra were all out shopping and I got a big pan of fajita steak and chicken cooked up plus some beans peppers and onions. I did some cleaning and got everything ready for dinner. When they got home we ate dinner. It was a little late and we were hungry and ate bunches. After dinner we cleaned up then Jendra took Pumpkin for a bath and Heath and I headed over to pick up the van. On the way we found another pile of wood and loaded it in the truck.
(Mostly Last nights wood gathering)

We talked to Jon and Amanda a bit then I drove the van home and Heath drove my truck. I unloaded the wood then read a book to Pumpkin and got her ready for bed.

Heath and Jendra worked on building shelves and once Pumpkin was in bed I worked on the kitchen remodel. I am a little stuck until I have enough people around to move the big mirror again but I measured out where I would need to add studs on that wall and marked it. Then I took down all the trim and loosened the wood panels so that once the mirror is down it should be really quick. Then I headed to the garage and cleaned up some of the mess from taking out part of the walls this weekend and cleared out some space to use in assembling the beam.

(picture not related but it’s nice and springy outside)

Heath and Jendra finished up down stairs and I finished up the garage. Then I took a shower and got ready for bed. This morning Pumpkin got up at 4:30 and I got up thinking she had messed up a diaper but she had not. I rocked her till she was about asleep them laid her down and tried to go back to sleep but she fussed and fussed. At 5:30 I got up again and gave her some benedryl and rocked her till she was about asleep. At about 6 I left her room and she fussed a bit. I did not bother going back to bed and instead cycled some water in the fish tank then took Berry for a run. Then I made my lunch and breakfast

and came to work in search of coffee.

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  1. Brian says:

    Ouch, you need to make Pumpkin go to work so she begins to appreciate sleep!

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