Is This Thing On?

I got busy on dinner right when I got home. I browned up some deer burger and added a bunch of pizza seasoning. I also cut up carrots and fresh green beans and got them steaming. Heath and Jendra helped cut up some peppers and mushrooms and I did onions and jalapenos and cilantro. I put everything together and baked it and then we headed out to the deck for dinner.

It was really nice outside and the pizza was really good. Even Pumpkin liked it.

Well she liked it after she scrapped all the good stuff off the top. But once she was down to sauce and crust she was giving out fist bumps it was so good.

After dinner we cleaned everything up and the girls got ready for a jog and I got ready for a trip to the hardware store. We screwed around until Jon and Amanda dropped off Alli then all 4 girls jogged to Price Chopper and I headed to Home Depot.

I got a new blade for the circular saw and a gallon of wood glue and then headed to the lumber area and started loading up on chip board and plywood.

I’m going to start building 1 big beam to go east west in my attic and 1 medium beam to go north south. I got enough to do the big beam and a few extra pieces just in case. I had great service and a gift card so the whole thing was pretty painless. I declined help loading it in the truck so there was a little pain there I guess. Once home I backed in and set up a little beam making station with my circular saw, chalk line, tape measure and a bunch of cinder blocks.

Stephen came over and we marked a line down the middle of each piece then cut it in half and stacked them in the garage. It went much easier then I was expecting. The big beam is too long to fit into the attic hatch so it will need to be assembled in the attic. Jon is probably coming over tonight to begin assembly. The beam will be like this.  beam
There will be 2ft by 8ft sections of the boards glued together one after another.

The girls got back from the run as we were finishing up and shortly later Jon and Amanda came to pick up Alli. We talked a bit then everyone left and I headed in. I helped Heath a little with getting Pumpkin in bed then started making a pasta salad. Once Pumpkin was in bed Heath and Jendra went out for ice cream and I cut more veggies. Once my salad was ready I showered and headed to bed early to make up for a short night.

Pumpkin had other plans for me though and got Heath and I up at 4:30 again.

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2 Responses to Is This Thing On?

  1. Courtney says:

    I was up at 4:30 too! I was really hoping that ended in the next few months. 🙂

  2. thePrewitt says:

    Well early on it happens often enough that is seems normal. However at this point it is rare and surprises us. Heck Peanut is 6 and occasionally wakes us up.

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