2 Very Mobile 20 Pound Troublemakers


I wanted to get a lot done last night so I rushed home from work and got busy making dinner. I had chicken thighs marinating and a big pasta salad already ready so I pealed and cut up potatoes and got them frying in a pan. Then I stuck the chicken and eventually some burgers on the grill. Heath brought home some leftover cheese dip from work and heated that up and we snacked till Jon, Amanda and Alli showed up. Then the girls played around a bit and then we ate.

Once dinner was over we took down the mirror.  IMG_0534

Once it was down everyone went shoe shopping but Jon and I. We removed some paneling and got busy adding support studs.

I had estimated this would take 1/2 and hour but I was way off. One thing after another slowed us down. The boards were really warped, we ran out of screws, things didn’t want to fit, etc. Eventually we got a nice strong support built and then put the paneling back up. Heath and Jendra got home and helped us put the mirror back up.


Then Jon and I headed to the garage and the beam building supplies.  IMG_0538

We cut some boards and did some drawing and planning but decided we could not proceed without some short screws. The stores were all closed by this point so we got everything ready and came up with a crazy plan for how to build 3 portions of the beam in the garage, get them into the attic and then put the 3 sections together.

Jon left around 10 and I got ready for bed.

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