Beginning of Beam Assembly

Heath and I got home from work and checked on Pumpkin and Jendra. We screwed around a bit then everyone left to go get Jendra a tan and I cooked dinner. Jendra had never eaten curry so we gave it a shot. As usual I tossed anything I could find that seemed like it would be good into a pan.

While it was cooking up I wired up a light for Heath and tested it. The girls got back pretty quick and Heath made a pot of this stuff.

It’s a substitute for rice that does not taste as good but it’s not bad and the Weight Watchers folks say it is way better for you. Then Heath and Jendra went downstairs to work on the bedroom down there and Pumpkin and I kept an eye on dinner and played with her babies.

As soon as the fake rice was ready we ate dinner and watched our first episode of Californication on Netflix. After dinner Pumpkin and I went to the hardware store for 3/4 inch screws. I had a good time trying to find the best deal and the most useful screws and Pumpkin had a good time shaking the boxes of screws then tossing them out of the cart.

Once home I cleaned out the sink and gave Pumpkin a bath in it then we put on pajamas and read some books and she went to bed without much of a fight at all. Heath and Jendra were downstairs and I headed to the garage to work on the beam.

I got my 2ft x 8ft sections and glued and screwed them together offsetting each one by 4 ft.

This first one is only 2 boards thick. I spread glue on 4 ft of a board then attached the next section and screwed it down real good then I moved 4 ft down and did it again. I stopped when it got close to bedtime and I had stretched from the garage door all the way to the other end of the garage. I hope to get it the full 32 feet soon and then invite some friends over to help me feed it through the attic hatch. Once this one is done I’ll need to build 2 more and then attach all 3 of them together in the attic.

Once done for the night I piled a bunch of heavy stuff on my beam to help out the screws while the glue dries. Then I added some more child safety latches in the kitchen on drawers Pumpkin has been getting into. Then I did some work work on the computer and headed to bed. Heath and Jendra finished up shortly later and also went to bed.


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