My First 3 Homemade Beers

Hop Scare IPA,      Autumn Amber Ale,     Dark Wheat

Friday I rushed home after work to get the conversion van ready for sale. I vacuumed it out and put the seats back in and removed all the trash. Heath, Jendra and Pumpkin had been out running errands and when they got back we got the tittle and figured out how selling it worked and what extra paperwork we would need. Then I kept an eye on sleeping Pumpkin and they ran to get paperwork from Jon’s printer. A guy and his son showed up to look at the van. They looked it over then we went for a test drive. The son was studying to be a mechanic and the dad seemed to be pretty knowledgeable. It seemed like everything was going pretty good at first but then we popped the hood and looked around and the dad checked the oil and transmission fluid and they were both dry. They said thanks anyway but they want to keep looking.


After they left Heath and Jendra went out with some friends and I played with Pumpkin. We ate some dinner and messed around the house a bit and I gave her a sink bath while I cleaned up the kitchen.

Then Pumpkin went to bed and I watched the 1st half of Black Snake Moan.

Then I headed to bed. Heath got home and came a while later. In the morning Pumpkin got me up and we ate some cereal and played around the house. Heath took Jendra home and Pumpkin and I had a tea party.
We started with just a cup then we got 2 cups then a pot of tea and eventually there was a whole table of snacks to share at our party.

Yes we drank teacups full of beans. We dipped our croissants and french fries in it and said yum. Eventually Pumpkin headed to bed, Heath came home and I worked on the beam.  IMG_0562

I pretty much spent the rest of the day on it. I laid out boards, coated them with glue, stuck them together and screwed them down. I have 3 layers of beam and they are all as long as the garage will allow.  IMG_0595

In the near future (when it is warm and dry outside) I’ll have to add on another length to each one stretching it out into the driveway. Once that is dry I’ll assemble people to help move it into the attic. While I was working on the beam KK and Chiaki came over. KK helped me out and Chiaki helped Heath and Pumpkin make an Aldi run. After they got back from the store and we finished we unpacked groceries and and messed around the house. Heath and I took showers and then we cracked a few beers.

Jon, Amanda and Alli came by and we ate some noodle bake thing and bread.  IMG_0566

After dinner the girls were being really good and playing.  IMG_0570

We broke out the home brew and had a beer tasting.


Everyone got some good samples of all 3 of my flavors. They were all really good and each definitely had it’s own flavor. Jon was all about the IPA and Heath was all about the dark wheat and the rest of us seemed to like them pretty well.

The babies went to bed and we played some games (mostly gestures). Then we all headed to bed. In the morning Amanda got me started with some coffee and then I made breakfast. I started with a pile of fried potatoes and added beans and corn to it and in another pan I cut up a bunch of colorful vegetables and then scrambled 15 eggs in with it. Tossed a few biscuits in the oven and we had a great breakfast.

Jon, Amanda and Alli headed home and the rest of us measured all the walls, got cleaned up and played with Pumpkin. Once Pumpkin was down for her nap Heath and I left KK and Chiaki to babysit and watch the KU game.

Heath and I went to Home Depot and started off with a class on appliances. We were the only ones there and we learned a lot of cool things about buying appliances. After the presentation was done we talked to the guy about ovens for a while. Then we headed to the kitchen design area and were a bit early for our next appointment. We explained our project to a designer and gave him our measurements and described the rooms we have now and the room we want to make. We talked about a bunch of options of things and made plans for the guy to draw up the room and make his recommendations. Then we headed home and watched the end of the basketball game. After the game KK and Chiaki went home and we decided to run errands all over. We came home pretty worn out and hungry. We mostly warmed up left overs, watched Hurt Locker

And kept an eye on the window watching tons of snow fall and eventually some of it sticking. We all headed to bed and in the morning it looked like this.

It’s crazy when just a few days ago I took pictures like this in my shorts and T-shirt.


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