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When I got home Nanny was a little flustered. At the end of afternoon nap Pumpkin had climbed out of the crib and scared her. Heath and I knew this day would come but are hoping it was just a fluke. Nanny headed home and I got Pumpkin an afternoon snack. She had not eaten much during the day but really got after snack.  I cut up a bunch of deer steak and vegetables and got the steak cooking slowly while Pumpkin ate. As Heath got home we were putting on shoes and a jacket so we could play outside a bit.  I let Pumpkin run around till her hands got hold. She visited Berry 3 times, ran for the neighbors yard as fast as she could while giggling twice and carried any random things she could find and put them in the driveway. I moved some things around so I could shift the beam over and then Heath could park in the garage again. Then we carefully moved the van into the garage and Heath cleaned it out.

Shortly after heading in I got a call from a Craigslist friend. She was done with work and wanted to pick up her husband and come check out the Econoline for sale. I had expected her to be earlier but this would be fine so we decided to rush dinner a little and eat first. I cooked up some noodles and added all the veggies I cut to the steak and then mixed everything together.

While I was cooking the girls had a little tea party. Since it was almost dinner they were more hungry then thirsty and did more pretend eating then pretend drinking.

Pumpkin liked the noodles and carrots and other veggies but she loved the butternut squash in there and ate all of it out of Heath and my bowls. She also ate a ton of spoonfuls of refried beans. While eating dinner we watched an episode of True Blood. I eat pretty quick and was done when the craigslister called and said she was close. I headed outside to meet her. She and her husband looked over the van, started it up and offered $800 for it.

Actually she asked if I was flexible on the price and I said a little expecting her to offer $500.I was thinking I would counter with $900 and then agree to $800 but she went right for the 8 so I said I’d check with my wife but that was probably fine. Then we talked some about how the bank won’t let you withdraw $800 in cash all at once so she could pay 1/2 today and I would not sell the van to anyone else and she would be back the next day with the other 1/2. I was cool with this. I talked her husband into giving it a test drive and he liked how comfortable and roomy it was. I showed them the known issues like the starter being flaky and they were cool with everything and just said they could fix them.

So they gave me a wad of cashed had me count it for them to verify and then they headed out. Heath and Pumpkin were finishing up dinner so I made it rain on Heath and told her the story.

We cleaned up the dinner debris and the baby and talked about going to the library or hanging trim but decided to relax and watch tv and play with Pumpkin instead. I played on the computer a bit then Pumpkin tried to join me so I decided to play with her. We did airplane and bouncy horse and hide and seak and peek a boo and tuck baby dolls in bed and run around and laugh. Once she had me good and worn out I changed her into pajamas and gave her to Heath for books and bed.

We didn’t get to test her for climbing out of the crib because she fell right asleep. I washed the dishes and prepared lunch for Pumpkin today and Heath made us a little dessert.


I had a frosty frothy IPA and she had the rich chilly dark wheat. While having our dessert we watched the other half of True Blood and then one other episode before heading to bed.


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