Bye Bye

That’s right the big van is gone. This is all that’s left.
ohh and $800

I’m home w/ Pumpkin for a bit this morning so it’s going to be a quick one. Here is one picture of Pumpkin and I waiting for the lady to come get the van/ watching her drive away as we wave and say bye-bye and us looking for squirrels and then tapping the glass and giggling.

Here we are testing out an experimental pancake made only from canned pumpkin Bisquick and a little milk.

We spent a lot of the night waiting on the van lady while Heath was at Peanut’s soccer practice and cooking things. When the van was gone and Heath was back we ate dinner then Jon and Alli popped in to play and talk. When they left Pumpkin hugged her friend.


Some random guys came to the door and asked if they could drop off a pile of wood. I helped them unload their truck then we took a bit of the van money and went out for ice cream.

Then Pumpkin went to bed. Heath and I started laundry and then watched True Blood.

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