I Need Your Help

Read on for how you can help me out.

The stories from last night are not really that exciting so I’ll start with how I need help. I need to move 3 floppy 32 feet x 2 feet  beams from my driveway to my attic.

The length is really the hard part. I think of the floppiness as an asset. Though they are heavy I don’t think they will ever feel that heavy as the total weight is about 120lbs so each one should be around 40 or so and I’d like to share the weight with a lot of people. I’ll need people outside, people by the window, people in the garage, people on the ladder and people in the attic.  Well maybe some of those people can overlap but the more people the easier it will go. I plan to get the last sections glued in the morning and then plan on a warm dry day so that by 5:00 everything is all ready. I’d like to aim for 7 but it’s all about how many people I can gather so if everyone prefers later or earlier that would be great too. I’ll try to have a kiss from Pumpkin and/or a cold beer for all my workers as reward. Also It’s going to be super nice out like instead of snow and cold wind the sun will be around so once the beam is moved we can enjoy some weather on the deck. ~possibly an update tomorrow~

Ok now for yesterday. The highlight was probably the tea party.  Not only did we have tea and snacks…

but we were joined by the horse who loved fried chicken and watermelon with his tea.

Once the horse was good and refreshed Pumpkin would hop on and bounce like crazy for a few seconds until it was time for more tea.

Of course once I got ready to film her she wanted nothing to do with hose ridding. Nanny was sick and I headed into work late yesterday morning so I had time to load the bread maker with an Parmesan Italian bread stuffs and after work we had a nice loaf.

I also made a stew of ground deer and vegetables but it was not great.

It was actually better inside a burrito this morning with lots of egg, cheese and siracha. That’s about it for the night. Heath had a meeting so Pumpkin and I played a bunch and we got all the laundry clean and folded and put away. We watched some True Blood and went to sleep early.

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