Happy 1/2 Birthday Pumpkin


We had a great weekend. Peanut had the day off school so Heath picked him up and before I got home he headed to a friends to spend the night. After dropping him off heath and Pumpkin met up with me at Loose park.

We started on the playground and it was full of kids but not over crowded and Pumpkin had a lot of fun and was a little angry when we pulled her away.


We took her for a little walk and grabbed some bread then went to see the ducks.  IMAG0005

One of the funniest things Pumpkin says is quack quack. So I was excited to show her ducks and geese in action. We walked around the lake and besides all the ducks and geese in the water we saw some sitting on eggs in nests and a bunch of turtles and coy fish. We headed home and played outside in the front till my sister and Chris came over. We found out about the gender of their baby and talked for a while then they headed out to tell more people. We got dinner started and then Stooks came over and we made a trip to Aldi for some groceries. Then we had a great bbq and grilled burgers and had fresh broccoli and carrots and baked potatoes.

The rest of the night we drank some home brew and watched Pawn Stars. In the morning I got up early and headed to the garage.  IMG_0631

Friday morning I had glued the last of my beams together and they were sticking way out into the driveway.  I could not close the garage doors all the way so I manually shut them most of the way then wired them shut. Saturday morning I unwired them and took the garage window out and moved some light up to the attic and got everything ready to move the 32 foot beams.


I got everything ready then Pumpkin woke up and I fed her then Stooks came over and Heath got up and Geoff and Stephen and Mike all came over. Peanut came home from his sleep over and he played with Pumpkin while the 6 of us headed out to move the beam. Just before starting some ladies wondered over to the house and had an awkward conversation with us and then a really awkward prayer for our project. They encouraged us to join their church and then left us alone. I regret not getting any pictures but we lifted the beams took them out into the front yard a way then into the side yard, fed them through the window then up to the attic. They were quite a bit heavier, even split 6 ways then I expected. It was tough getting them through and they were really tight fits in a few spots but eventually we got all 3 up.

We huffed and puffed a bit and decided to have a couple beers on the deck and talk about how well things went. Eventually everyone headed out but Stooks. Heath got the kids dressed up nice and took them to her cousins for Easter pictures. Stooks and I worked a bit on getting the boat tires aired up then I grilled some chicken breasts for lunch. After lunch I worked on baby proofing the deck and bringing up all the summer chairs and umbrellas.

Stooks headed home and then Heath and the kids got home. Everyone laid down for naps while I worked on the deck. Pumpkin got up first and I fed and played with her until it was time to wake up Heath. She headed to set up for a wedding shower. I got Pumpkin all dressed up nice again then got Peanut up and dragged him to the car and stuck some nice clothes on him. Then we headed to the shower. We ate some burgers and watched Heath’s aunt open presents and stuff. The kids played in the grass with some cousins for a long time then we headed home. We jumped on the trampoline some and played in the backyard on the swings.

We put the kids to bed early then Heath and I watched Date Night and then we headed to bed early. We got up early and got busy cleaning the house. The kids slept in and we got a lot of dishes done and things picked up. Then we headed downstairs and took apart the guest room and put down a big chunk of carpet then put everything back in and organized some. I worked on making dinner a bit then the kids got up and I got the day off to a good start with a great breakfast on the grill.

Cheesy scrambled eggs, grilled potato slices and mini pork steaks marinated in terriaki, IPA and honey.  It all cooked pretty quick then we sat on the deck to eat.

While eating breakfast we made a plan for the day. Once done eating we cleaned up, changed and headed to Swope park.


There is a really good 2 mile hike at the nature center there. We started at the end and worked our way to the beginning. We started working our way through and around the big rocks.


About a mile in we stopped for snacks and water.


Once we were energized we hit the trail again and followed a creek for a while. Peanut was in a daredevil mood and Heath joined in.

The end of the trail we climbed some big hills then reached the end. We have hiked this trail many times but never gone into the nature center. We stuck Berry in the kennel then checked it out and were surprised at how great it was.  IMG_0670

There was a lot of animals to see and we all liked looking at them.


There were a lot of cool birds, eagles, hawks, owls and stuff plus fish and turtles and frogs  IMG_0673

And a bunch of snakes. Pumpkin is learning animal sounds and somehow she has gotten it into her head that snakes growl instead of hiss so she was growling at all the snakes.

After the nature center we went to the playground by the zoo and let the kids run and climb a bunch.

When we got home we were a little beat. Pumpkin laid down for a nap and Berry laid down on his porch in the shade.

Heath and Peanut headed to the kitchen to work on a top secret dessert plan. I headed to the shop and built a baby gate for the deck. I wanted something simple, temporary, light, easy to move and easy for adults to step over.

I turned out pretty decent. The rest of the night we were pretty productive cleaning and stuff. The kids colored some pictures.

I had started a chunk of pork in the crock pot in the morning so at dinner time our mouths were watering. We watched a Disney movie about the Ocean in the cool basement and stuffed ourselves with pulled pork sandwiches, fried zucchini, sweet potato fries, corn and baked beans.

We laid around and digested a bit then ate some dirt cake stuff for dessert. Then we stuck the kids in the bath. I found some bath crayons and they worked on art projects.
They designed some sort of giant Mario cart track when they were not coloring themselves.

After baths they got on pajamas and we read books and they went to bed. Heath and I showered and made our way to the couch for some TruBlood then bed.



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