Triple Apple Cinnamon Pancakes that is

If you love breakfast and want a large copy of that to use as your wallpaper you can download it here

Pancakes was probably the most serious thing I did last night. I pealed and diced 3 apples, mixed up some batter, added cinnamon and fried up a nice big pile of flapjacks.

I had a little “helper” who was not nearly this helpful or happy in real life.

Everyone was home working on stuff when I got there. Heath and Peanut were doing home work and Pumpkin was playing. No one was really hungry so I held off on starting dinner. Pretty much the minute I walked in the door Pumpkin became a monster. It appeared her goal for the night was terrorize me. I could not get her happy with any toys or Sesame Street or anything. She just wanted to be held and once in my arms she would yell at me or squirm around. Heath and Peanut decided to escape and lock themselves in Peanut’s room and reorganize and clean it up. Eventually I had enough of Pumpkin and decided to cook dinner so I could get her pajamas on her and possibly put her to bed early.

Cooking dinner was tough with an angry baby. I was able to keep her away from the hot stove and the hot grill but she did get into some water and make other messes. Once dinner was ready I called in the others and strapped Pumpkin to her chair. Pretty much instantly I figured out why she was being so cranky. She shoveled food in her mouth by the handfuls. She had not eaten much at the sitters but Heath said she ate a ton when they got home. Apparently she had postponed breakfast and lunch for just before dinner time and I had not gotten the memo. Once home from work/school/daycare Heath had fed her berries, noodles, carrots, cheese and then when we sat down to dinner she had squash, cottage cheese, ham, pineapple, rice, green beans and refried beans. We all ate a lot but I think Pumpkin ate more then Peanut and maybe even Heath.

After dinner we plopped dessert right on our plates and ate it before cleaning up. Pumpkin was back to herself so Heath and Peanut went back to working on the bedroom and I got Pumpkin clean and put pajamas on then took her to the store for a few groceries. Once home I cleaned the kitchen and started making the pancakes. Pumpkin was good and I knew she was a super eater last night so I got a cup of milk and gave her drinks every few minutes and gave her a snack cup to carry around/play with.

I put a few cheerios in her cup and she ate them and played on the desk while watching Pratt the cat.

Then I put a few dehydrated apricots in there and she ate them while watching Elmo.

I finished up the pancakes and filled her last cup with little pancake bites and she ate these then brushed her teeth with Heath and Peanut then we read books until bedtime.

Once the kids were in bed I planned to bottle some Red Ale but checked and decided it was probably not quite ready and I should wait till next week. So Heath and I watched True Blood
and did some laundry then headed to bed early.

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