IMAG0017When I got home Pumpkin was outside playing with Nanny. We talked a bit and Nanny left and Pumpkin and I were hungry so headed inside to eat. I tossed a bunch of leftovers and stuff into a pan and stir fried it up and fed Pumpkin a bunch of squash, beans, cottage cheese and stuff. Once we were both pretty full we played and fed Berry.

We packed up some stuff then headed to the park.


We played at the park a while then went to Peanut’s soccer practice and found Heath and Peanut. We caught the end of practice then picked up Peanut so Heath could go to PTA. From there we headed to another park.  IMAG0013

The kids played till Peanut got grumpy then we headed home. Pumpkin and I made a dinner for Peanut while he took a shower and got on pajamas. Then we sat down and I read stories and the kids ate pizza and broccoli. Pumpkin finished her slice first and then it was a race.

The two kids shared a frozen pizza and ended up eating the whole thing by themselves. They each ate 1/2. I sat in the middle and handed out scoops of beans and read about prehistoric dinosaurs and one that is purple and not as old.

After dinner and stories Peanut brushed teeth and went to bed and I got Pumpkin changed and we read a little more then she went to bed. Then I got trash out and filled the fish tank up with water. When Heath got home she smelled pizza and we decided to cook up another one and eat that and watch True Blood. Then I went to bed early so I could split a bit of wood this morning before heading out early to Home Depot.

Our kitchen design guy had some drawings to show off and I was eager to see them this morning. I discovered pretty quick that we were not on the same page. He had some cool pictures and 3D drawings and some cool ideas but the room did not fit our family.

The biggest surprise was he encouraged us to build a wall right here.

I told him we had one and took it down a few years ago. He also had seating for 4 and we usually have more then that. It seemed like we probably lost out on cabinet space and there was a little reading nook that was nice but not really functional. So we talked about us having kids and people over and some of our ideas and he scribbled in some notes and stuff. I did like the island he came up with and he had some good thoughts about life in this potential room.



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