Another Nice Spring Evening


I’ve got a busy day planned so I’ll probably rush the post but I think I have some good pictures so it’s probably even. I’ll be leaving for Austin,TX tomorrow so probably no update. The plan for tonight is just to pack, and clean out the van and clean up the house so your probably not missing much.

After work I was starving so had a sandwich and fed Pumpkin and got dinner started. Once everyone was home and changed we dropped Heath off at her meeting then headed to Leawood park.


It was really nice out and the kids ran and climbed and played.


Pumpkin’s climbing skills really came out and she was able tot get almost anywhere she wanted. Some moms asked me how old she was as she tried to keep up with the big kids.  IMG_0721

Peanut is all about tag now and he is quick so does really well so he looks for kids to get games going. He looks pretty intimidating.   IMG_0719

We played a long time before heading home, we took the long way home to look for Heath but we didn’t find her till we pulled into the driveway and saw her running in the door. I got busy cooking the rest of dinner and the kids and Heath did some gardening in the front.

It was taco night and I had onions and peppers, rice w/ corn, refried beans and a mix of pork, chicken, cilantro, tomatoes and taco seasoning.

It was ready pretty quick and we headed out to the deck. We started getting Peanut his double decker built to his specifications.

then I put my giant one together

tortilla, refried beans, crunchy taco, chips, rice, corn, meat, cheese, peppers, onions, cottage cheese and topped it off with a big squirt of siracha. It was wonderful.

Pumpkin mostly ate beans and rice and got plenty on her shirt and face.

Everyone was in great moods.

After dinner I cleaned up dishes and Heath cleaned up the kids in the tub. Then Peanut did homework and Pumpkin and Heath helped.

At bedtime we read and tucked in the kids then watched the end of season 2 of True Blood. I had planned on unloading the dishwasher but was tired and went to bed.

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