Yee Haw

After 10 last night I pulled in the drive and our trip to Austin was over. It was probably too short but otherwise a great trip. It started out at 6am on Friday morning when we all piled into the van and started driving. We got to Tony and Erin’s apartment just after 5pm. We had a little tour then headed to the porch to enjoy the weather and some Lone Star beer.

After we were all recovered from the trip we headed out for dinner. We walked downtown and found a Mexican place.

After eating we wondered from bar to bar exploring the city.

At the end of the night we found some rickshaw bikes and everyone but Kevin and I rode them home.

Kevin and I walked back and joined the group spread out between 4 different air mattresses.

For some reason we got up early in the morning but once awake we started getting pumped for our day on the Pub Crawler.

This was easily the best part of the trip. We filled a cooler with beer, signed some wavers and mounted the bar/bike and started drinking.

We were early so hung out for a while and then got started a little early. The pilot lifted the break and we started peddling at first I was impressed at how fast we were moving but once we got into traffic I realized how slow we were. It was hard work and hot out and I got sweating pretty early.

We cruised around a while then stopped at a nice cool bar for drinks and some nice retro couches.

For nearly 2.5 hours we peddled and drank or stopped and drank. There were probably a hundred pictures of us taken by people driving by and the whole thing was a blast.

Once our time was up we grabbed the cooler and walked home.

Erin made a batch of margaritas, we all put on our swimsuits and headed to the pool.

We relaxed and swam till dinner time then changed and went out to a nice dinner. Then we spent the rest of the evening checking out other parts of Austin until we all crashed for the night one after another.

It was a short night and we got up early yesterday and started the drive home. It was not a fun drive but we made it.

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