Christmas Pajamas are Still Cute in April

I was really feeling like having a lazy night. So our goals for the night became reload the kitchen with groceries and make dinner. We both got home at about the same time and Nanny headed home. We tossed 1/2 a large spaghetti squash in the toaster oven and headed to Aldi.

It was a good Aldi run and we got a cart full. Pumpkin was a little fussy and wanted to open and eat everything we were trying to put in the cart. Once home we unloaded and moved on to dinner. The squash was soft and easy to shred.

Heath made up a really tasty batch of hummus and I browned sausage and then added a bunch of onion green pepper mushroom and tomato. Eventually I added spaghetti sauce and the squash (instead of noodles).

It was really good and I packed some for lunch I am considering eating as soon as this post is done.

That was about it for the night. We watched True Blood, we played with Pumpkin (mostly on her slide and with Heath’s shoes).

And I found myself in a situation that Pumpkin struggles with sometimes. I am pretty sure I was overtired. I could barely keep my eyes open until it was bedtime and then once I laid down I could not fall asleep.

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