Daddy’s Crazy Girl

After work Heath and I came home and sent the Nanny home. I was really hungry and Pumpkin is always good for a snack so I gave her some Cheese It’s and I cooked up a few chicken nuggets and tossed them on a sandwich. I talked to my brother for a bit on the phone then made a plan with the girls then Pumpkin and I headed out. We drove over to my brothers new apartment. It was on the clear west end of town behind rush hour traffic and construction so it took us a while to get there. We did find the place and met up with him and my sister in the middle of unpacking. We got a quick tour of the place then tried to help out.

I’m not sure that either of us were very effective. We hung out for a while and my mom came and we talked to her for a bit then Pumpkin and I headed home for dinner and work on our own home. Heath had gone to Peanut’s soccer practice and just barely beat us home. We have some family from out of town coming to stay tonight so we needed to get the house in shape and dinner in our tummies.
(Pumpkin with her cousin Ruby who is coming to stay for a few days from our summer road trip)

So the cleaning stuff is not that exciting and was mostly downstairs. The dinner stuff was a little exciting. We made some pretty unusual “burgers” and “fries”.

Heath cut up butternut squash and checked out a recipe and made some really healthy fries. I diced onion, green pepper, cilantro, mushroom, zucchini and jalapenos up pretty small. I mixed them with a bunch of seasoning and stuffing mix and added a pound of ground turkey. I made this into 4 large patties and tossed them on the grill.

They were pretty soft and loose so I only flipped them once and after flipping I put on some thin strips of low fat cream cheese and then regular cheese.

I cooked them for a while longer then topped them and put them on some toast. There was more meat then room on the bread but we did not mind.

They had a little kick to them and as a meatloaf lover I really enjoyed them and ate another 1/2 of one.

Around the time we were finishing dinner we realized we were already 30 min late on Pumpkin’s bedtime so she finished up eating and I got her in pajamas and we read some Barney then she went to bed. Heath cleaned up all the dinner mess and Pumpkin playing while we cleaned mess. We watched a bit of tv then crashed for an hour or so till Pumpkin filled her diaper and woke up.

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