Cousin Ruby is Here to Play

Last night there were 8 girls in my house and me.

When I got home I pulled into the drive and I’m sure my eyes got huge and a big smile appeared. Heath had told me some random guy wanted to drop off some maple but I was unprepared for the amount. It was definitely the biggest load of wood ever piled in my side yard and it did not cost us any money, time or effort.

Yesterday I was working but Heath and the girl were home playing. I’ve got some great pictures so I’ll just make up a likely story to go with it. Everyone woke up the girls played in the house for a while.

They ate some breakfast and screwed around a bit Heath made some muffins to eat.

Then tried to take naps but everyone was too excited so instead they went to Loose Park. The girls hopped in the wagon and went for a ride

They saw some geese and Pumpkin decided to jump in and swim with them.

Of course she was denied and they walked around the lake and over the bridges.

They saw more geese and ducks

and some turtles

And a good time was had by all

Then the girls got sick of the wagon and got some exercise and played at the park.

Once home they had a little snack and there was some sort of disaster mess and both girls required an immediate bath.

Ruby’s bath was a little short as she is not 1/2 fish like Pumpkin.

I got home from work around this time and watched Pumpkin splash and kick and scream with excitement for a while and then I got her dried off and dressed. Heath’s other cousin and her two girls came over and things really got going.

We were not all that hungry but I started dinner and got it cooking slow. The girls were all having a good time and being pretty entertaining.

Eventually everyone got hungry and we finished cooking dinner and served it up.

We had crock pot pulled pork, fruit salad, baked beans, asparagus, and a potato/sweet potato/squash medley. The girls ate pretty good then played on the deck. First they tried to stress test my gate for me.

Pumpkin had too many beans or something because she got crazy.  She was yelling and dancing and pulled down her pants.\

She thought it was so funny (we kinda did too but don’t want to encourage it) we tried to pull them up but she avoided the grown ups and pulled them down again.

We went back inside and the exhausted little girls played some more then headed to bed we had a few home brews and talked a bit then we went to bed too.


We went back inside


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