Busy Wedding Weekend

Most of the pictures from the weekend are from Friday when i was at work. Everyone went to the farmstead to see the goats.

and the little goats

and other animals

and more goats

Friday night we were on our own for a while and Peanut was home. We went to a wedding rehersal thing where Pumpkin and I sat in the car and Heath and Peanut stood out of the rain under a tent and heard how the wedding would go down. We got ice cream on the way home then put the kids in bed and hung out for a while before heading to bed early. Saturday we got up at 5:30am and started getting ready. We got to the race/wedding at 6:30 and it was 39F and really cold and windy. We bundled Pumpkin up really good but we were all cold. I’m guessing my hands were shaking too much during the wedding because all the pictures stink.

So Heath’s Aunt Colleen got married at a race just before the 5K started. They all walked down the “isle” leading up to the start line.

Then there was the ceremony for about 10 minutes.

Then they were married and everyone cheered and the race started.

Right after the 5K there was a kids run and Peanut did that then we went and sat in the car with the heat on full blast and the kids ate snacks and thawed. We went back and congratulated Heath and watched them cut the cake then headed home. Once home I cooked up some breakfast and we warmed up with coffee and hot coco then Heath and Peanut headed to Peanut’s soccer game and I put Pumpkin down for a nap. The game was canceled from the fields being too wet so they came home and we all took naps. Heath and I accidentally watched Price of Persia instead of sleeping. After nap time we all showered and dressed up then went to the wedding reception.

We ate BBQ and mashed potatoes

and some of us had some beer.

But not her. We brought a moonwalk for the kids.

When the reception was over we cleaned up and packed up the moon walk and headed home. We messed around a bit then put the kids to bed. Our house guest Lisa had a friend over and we went to Waldo while her parents watched the kids.

We got a drink on the roof of the Well and passed a Poison cover band. Then headed to 75th Street Brewery for dinner and another drink. Then we let her folks go to bed and we came home and hung out a while.

In the morning I made a big breakfast and the kids played a bunch. Then our guests headed out. We cleaned up a bit then Peanut and I went to Aldi and Target. Heath put Pumpkin down for a nap then we took a nap while Peanut built legos. After nap time we cooked up some dinner then headed to a 40th wedding anniversary party. We got home at bedtime and put the kids down then Heath and I ate dinner and watched TV before going to bed.


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