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Peanut is not always excited for what we make for dinner and we have been talking a bit about food groups and eating healthy. So on Sunday we gave Peanut a list of the food groups and had him plan some meals and get items from each food group. Last night was his first meal, chicken nuggets, corn, carrots, beans and apple slices. I got home first and sent Nanny home then got Pumpkin a snack and while she was eating I got the carrots and chicken started. Peanut’s chicken nuggets are quick and easy but Pumpkin can’t eat them because they contain egg and Heath and I could use something less fatty. So I thawed out a large chicken breast.

Once Pumpkin was done snacking we headed outside. Camera 360

First I picked up any wood that was out of my area and got it off the grass. Then we headed to the backyard and dug the lawn mower out of the shed. Camera 360

We brought it to the front yard and then Pumpkin helped me find sticks and get them out of the yard. Heath and Peanut were not home yet so I started trying to clean up my wood pile to expose more of the grass.
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Many of the chunks are just too big for me to move even if Pumpkin helps.
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Heath and Peanut got home and Heath took Pumpkin to run an errand, Peanut played Halo on top of my truck and I got the lawn mowed. I took a break after the front yard to finish dinner. I got the pans of beans, corn, and carrots warming up on the stove and I cut up the chicken breast, rolled it in a little bbq sauce to make it sticky, then rolled it in some ground up fiber one cereal. I tossed it in the toaster oven. Heath came home and did the dishes and we set the table and added Peanut’s nuggets with ours.

Then we pulled everything out and got ready to eat. Our home made/egg free/oil free nuggets turned out pretty good.

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We all cleaned our plates, Peanut was pretty proud of his meal and asked something about eating healthy every night. We talked a little about how the nachos he had the night before were not healthy but still okay to eat sometimes. Pumpkin’s favorite was the carrots.

Camera 360

After dinner we moved strait into the apple slices cobbler I made for dessert. I had hopped to head out and mow the backyard but it was pretty dark and the kids needed baths and the dishes needed cleaned and we had laundry to take care of. So I postponed the backyard and got after dishes and laundry and Heath got the kids clean and in pajamas. She read and tucked Pumpkin in and Peanut and I read some Calvin and Hobbes then I tucked him into bed.

Once the kids were in bed we folded some of our laundry and got the last of it in the dryer then took it easy and watched tv while it dried. Once the last load was done we folded and put everything away. Then we headed to bed.

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