A Lucky Kid

Yummy Donuts,  fresh from the tree.

Peanut has got to be having a pretty good week. He spent most of Saturday in a moon walk, Sunday building Legos he got to pick out and buy himself, Monday we ate a meal he designed and last night we ate another Peanut meal plus did some gardening and planted his favorite. Cheerios = Donut Seeds

I worked a bit late yesterday, Peanut had a 1/2 day so he and Heath had been home for quite a while when I got there. His homework was done, the meal plan was ready and the shrimp were thawing. Peanut had written shrimp and pineapple kabobs. He also wanted mashed potatoes with gravy but the gravy just on top not made into a little pond inside the potatoes and raw broccoli with ranch to dip in and left over apple cinnamon cobbler. I had my work cut out for me so I did some negotiating and convinced Peanut to substitute leftover home made mac and cheese for the mashed potatoes. I also added onion to the kabobs for just Heath and I and I added in some baked popcorn shrimp with the regular shrimp.

It was an okay meal but not very filling. Both the kids have been enjoying Peanut’s choices and cleaning their plates though.

(I swear that is a happy face not Pumpkin about to scream)

Once we had eaten everything from dinner we moved right into dessert and it was twice as good the second day as the apples were softer.

After dinner we headed outside and did a bit of gardening We started off with planting the donut tree.
Heath helped dig the hole then Peanut put in a handful of chocolate cheerios planning for chocolate donuts. (luckily Heath had just bought and concealed a box of chocolate donuts the day before)

After the tree was planted I worked on the dishes, Pumpkin played and Heath and Peanut did more gardening. While playing Pumpkin filled her diaper with stinks so once the sink was empty of dishes I cleaned her up and stuck her in.

While she was playing I cleaned off the counters, swept and moped the floor and cleaned her. Pumpkin loves the water and everything about baths so I had a hard time getting her out even though everything in the area was clean and she was a raisin.

I got her out and dry and in pajamas and we moved some furniture around and got ready to vacuum. She screamed whenever I turned on the vacuum so we waited on that and instead got all the trash and recycles ready to go out.

Heath and Peanut came in and got cleaned up, Pumpkin really wanted to take another bath when Peanut got ready for his shower but we did not let her. Then we read books and got the kids in bed. Once the kids were down we got lunches and stuff ready for today and unloaded the dishwasher and stuff. Then we watched TV and headed to bed.

This morning I found a branchy stick and stuck it in the ground then split for a while on my monster pile then Heath split a while as I loaded the stick up with donuts.

Then we woke Peanut up and had him check it out.

He is a zombie when he first wakes up but finding a tree of donuts always gets him going. He and Heath collected all our donuts and we all got ready for work/school.


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  1. Lynsey says:

    LOVE the donut tree!

  2. What a fun suprise! Hadn’t thought of that one!

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