Kick Back and Relax, It’s My Day Off

Actually there was not a lot of time to relax for Heath and I. I got up early and made Peanut’s lunch and Heath got him dressed and took him to school. I split for a while and then Pops and Annie got up. We woke up Pumpkin and headed to the Cook Shack for breakfast. Then Heath and Annie went shopping. Pops, Pumpkin and I transformed the garage into a brewery and started making my first stout. We bundled Pumpkin up a bit and let her play outside.

We watched the grains simmer and had a home brew and then added the malt and got it mixed in and dissolved and then let it boil for an hour and loaded it with hops.
Heath and Annie came back and the sun came out and we hung out and watched it boil a bit. Then Pops and Annie took pictures with Pumpkin and headed to the airport.

Heath helped finish up the beer.


Once the hops were done we moved inside and tried to cool the wort down as fast as we could.  IMG_1059
Then we moved to the brew bucket and checked our readings and added the yeast. This will be a java stout and have real coffee/caffeine in it but I need most of the fermentation to take place first so I sealed it up and put it in the basement shower where the temp is a very steady 70ish.  IMG_1060

Saturday or Sunday I will need to add the coffee.

We put Pumpkin to bed and got super busy. Heath made spent stout grains bread in the bread maker and I mowed the backyard. Then Heath filled my truck with split firewood and I cut down some small trees in the backyard. Then we cleared off a bunch of brush and made the yard look better and created more places to store firewood. Clearing things out was a lot of work and then we moved 2 truck loads of wood into place. Pumpkin got up and helped some at the end. It looked like rain and Pumpkin was ready to eat so we headed inside and she got a snack and we started dinner. Then I went to pick up Peanut from school. Heath got the rest of dinner ready and once we were home we watched some movie about kids using potions to fight dragons or something. It was a weird movie and I ate and then played Angry Birds. Then I hopped in the tub and Pumpkin came with. It was really crowded but she did not care. After I got out Peanut got in and I made pudding for dessert and cleaned up dinner.

Then we ate, read books, got on pajamas and went to bed.

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