Pumpkin loves Eggs (only the plastic kind)

(Pumpkin is still elergic to real eggs so don’t give her any 🙂

Friday I got home, got a report on Pumpkin’s day from the Nanny then Pumpkin and I did some cleaning and straitening and getting the house and us ready for a fun night. Shortly later Jon, Amanda and Alli showed up with a bunch of dinner stuff. We hung out and talked about their trip and hung out on the deck and waited for Heath to get home. Then we tossed a bunch of meat on the grill and veggies in the oven.

Dinner was great and afterwards Stooks showed up and we made our way to the front yard. We decided to have a practice Easter egg hunt to the girls could search for eggs and not worry about the big kids.

They both did a great job and took to finding the eggs and putting them in their baskets really quick.

It was really fun to watch. We hung out for a while longer and played with the girls.

Eventually we put the babies in bed and popped some popcorn and played some pool in the basement. Then KK and Chiaki came over and we watched Pulp Fiction and headed to bed. In the morning I made fried potatoes and egg, ham, sausage, cheese on biscuit sandwiches for everyone.

After breakfast we all headed out. KK Chiaki and us went to Peanut’s soccer game.

They were short on players and coaches so Heath helped coach and it took a while for the game to start. We were without any subs but quite a bit bigger then the older team and still dominated them.

I think Peanut got 3 goals and our team probably one 7-1 or something like that.

After the game we headed home and Jon and Stephen came over to help out with some tree maintenance.

It’s tough to see but there is a large broken branch way up high in this tree just waiting to fall and crush a car or something. Also the termites and wood peckers are working over some of this tree and I hope to extend it’s life by trimming up some. It was not the safest of projects but everything went fine. We parked my truck under the tree and strapped down a latter to the roof. Then we strapped the ladder to the tree. Then I went up the tree and cut the trunk just above the ladder.

There was actually a bit more to it after planning and pulling things with ropes and getting ropes in place and worrying about everything . But as I said everything went perfect and right after the branch was down we cut it up and moved it to the massive pile and cleaned up the driveway.

Stooks and Derrick came over to and started playing Pumpkin ball. After several hot intense games we were starving and fired up the grill and loaded it with meat.

We got the fryer out and some other things going too.

KK and Chiaki came back from running errands and Adam joined us.

When not eating the girls kept an eye on the dogs.

Once the food was done we stuffed our faces and it was really good.

After that we went right back to Pumpkin ball and it was a little tough at first with full stomaches. We played for a while then got pretty worn out. The rest of the afternoon/evening we recovered watching tv on the couches and snacking some.

In the morning Pumpkin let us sleep in. After breakfast we headed to my mom’s house for Easter with the familly.

(oh yeah I shaved my beard)

We talked with familly and ate a bunch. My nun sister called and I got to talk to her for quite a while then we packed up and headed to Heath’s familly Easter in Spring Hill.

Fortunately for our stomaches they were just finishing up eating when we arrived. We were worried it would start raining so shortly after lunch we started the Easter Egg hunt. The little kids like Pumpkin got a little head start but she didn’t even need it, thanks to the practice run and her competitive nature she got right out there and filled her basket in no time.

Being the littlest hunter she had lots of relatives pointing out eggs for her.

She was hunting just for the hunt but was surprised afterwords when Heath showed her there were things inside the eggs.

Her best egg was a prize number that she traded in for a pair of cool sunglasses.

After the egg hunt everyone visited a while and Pumpkin swung some and tried out the slide and then we played playdoe till it was time to go home.  She had a long day and passed out on the way home.

We took it easy and cleaned up the house and unpacked a bunch of old boxes from my moms house and added coffee to my stout for the rest of the evening. My stout was looking really good. Once we were done for the day we made some dinner and finished the last season of True Blood then went to bed.

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