Wonder Woman


Heath had a bit of work to do when I got home so Pumpkin and I played and snacked some and Heath worked for a little bit. When Heath was done I got out chain saw and headed to my pile. My main goal was to cut a big round in half so I could move it off my grass but while I had the saw out I went ahead and cut a bunch of rounds from logs that were too big. While I was cutting Heath and Pumpkin went for a walk/drive.

I got a good amount of wood ready to split/move and then went after the big boy. One good hit with the big maul and it split in half.

Heath and I have been really motivated to get our pile split up and let it dry all summer so we could not help but split for a while. Pumpkin loves to play outside so we got out some eggs and had a random egg hunt to keep her away from the wood.

It worked good for a while but Pumpkin thinks she is a big kid and wanted to be in the action. Before long she was trying to help.

That was okay as it was time for Heath to go to Peanut’s soccer practice and we had a sexy looking wood pile.

Pumpkin was ready for dinner 1 and I was ready to cook some dinner so we headed inside when Heath left. While Pumpkin was eating I got some water boiling and started cutting up onions, garlic and peppers. I tossed them in a pan w/ some olive oil and added a bunch of scallops and seasonings.

I kept chopping veggies and added tomato, spinach, celery and zucchini to the pan. I added spaghetti noodles and spinach ravioli noodles to the boiling water.

I let the noodles and veggies get soft then added more tomatoes and marinara to the veggies. I didn’t take any more pictures but I stuck everything in a backing pan in layers and topped it with some cheese. Then Pumpkin and I got all the trash and recycles from around the house and took them to the garage. We have quite a pile of boxes of glass and while waiting for Heath we decided to sort them. It took a while as Pumpkin kept wanting to get in trouble but I ended up with about 150 dark brown glass bottles with good pop off tops.  IMG_1198

This is good because yesterday I ordered 3 new beer kits and they should make about 50 beers each. I got a brown ale, a wheat and a porter that is high alchool.

While sorting glass I got a bunch of extra cardboard junk to recycle and 2 big tubs of glass that is not usable to me.


When Heath got home I stacked my boxes of glass and she swung the maul a few times. Then we took the junk glass to a ripple glass dumpster and dropped it off. Once home our dinner was ready and we got Pumpkin in her chair and opened a bottle of wine. Amanda and Alli stopped by.
Pumpkin rushed through dinner two so she could get down and play.


We ate and watched tv and watched the girls playing. Then Pumpkin and I hopped in the shower and Amanda and Alli went home and Heath washed the dishes. Heath put Pumpkin in bed and I cleaned up the family room and before we knew it we were getting close to bed time. We decided to start a movie and watch a little before heading to bed. We started Benjamin Button and it was not bad so far.

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