Who Has Cursed Me?

First Peanut decided he hates burgers and refuses to eat them, then Stooks exposes me to a terrible video that get’s stuck in my head anytime I hear the word Friday and now Pumpkin won’t eat burgers either.

I’m wound up on coffee and getting down on Friday so I’m not going to describe the evening in order. Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first. We cleaned the kitchen/house, did laundry, washed dishes, packed clothes and gear for a camp out Saturday and prepared stuff for a Royals game tonight and went shopping at a thrift store. Pumpkin got an awesome full body fleece suit and I got some pretty sweet shoes to wear to work and a pair of these.

We also went to Peanut’s schools open house. We went to his classroom and he showed off his desk and and many of his achievements in reading and other stuff. We even got to see the paper Mexican he made while his class was studying Mexican culture.


Pumpkin was really stimulated by all the cool stuff and kids and wanted to check everything out. She loved the little chairs everywhere, the sink at her hight, the little chalkboard and the plastic Mexican food and maracas.

Open house went pretty quick and we had all that boring stuff to do so that was good.

Now for the burger.
(look how adorable it could have been)

So we had to rush dinner. I had a pound of ground turkey thawed and it was awesome outside so I fired up the grill and made it into 4 burgers. 1 a bit bigger for me and 1 a bit smaller for Pumpkin.

I coated them in seasonings and parmesean cheese and tossed them on the grill. I got fresh green beans cut up and heating with some carrots and made a pan of onions, green peppers and, mushrooms to top the burgers with. I set the table with lots of burger fixings and fresh pineapple.  I flipped the burgers and added cheese.

I got everything ready and as soon as Heath got home I assembled my burger making a beautiful platform to set it on.

Then I made the mini burger. I avoided spicy stuff but did put on a pickle, catsup, onion and mushroom.

I set it on Pumpkin’s tray and she immediately began disassembly. She took off the bread then the patty and inspected the toppings.

I did not worry, she may not like onion or maybe she loves pickles and wanted to eat it first. Then things started looking good, once she took it all apart, she put it back together and added some carrot and green bean to the pile.

But she never took a bite even after some encouragement. She loves bread and would not even take a bite of it. So I’ve decided maybe she is boycotting turkey served as a burger and I can completely understand that stance and support her in that.

So I didn’t win this first round but I am determined to keep offering the kids burgers and search for ways to make it fun for them. If you have any ideas please pass them along.

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2 Responses to Who Has Cursed Me?

  1. Becky says:

    I think your right about the turkey burger part, that was my guess from the get go. I am sure the beef burger will make a difference. I shudder at the idea you would have 2 kids that refuse to eat burgers.

  2. Stooks says:

    Kids like hot dogs, not burgers. I bet they like hamburgers some day.

    Are you going to wear thrift store underwear?

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