Happy Birthday Tony


And here is Tony moments before the shot above.   IMG_1308


It was one of those weekends were I was amazed we did so much in only 2 days off. Friday after work people gathered at our house and once everyone was there we drove over to Kauffman Stadium.


It was buck night so hot dogs, peanuts and soda were only $1 and we did not grill but we did tailgate a bit. Peanut played catch with a nerf ball.


Pumpkin handed out drinks from the cooler


and the rest of us hung out and waited for the game to start.


Then we went in and got our seats. We were up pretty high but right behind home so had a good view.  IMG_1246


Pretty early on Heath, Stooks and Felicia went to get hot dogs for the rest of us and waited in a huge line. We watched the game and saved their seats.


Then pigged out on hot dogs.



We ate everything then watched the game till the 7th inning. Then Heath, the kids and I walked to the far other side of the stadium so Peanut could go through the little museum thing and then both of them could play on the playground. We played till they closed then went back to our seat to watch the Royals make a come back.


It was a close game right up to the end but we won.


Then we watched the fireworks and everyone loved them but Pumpkin. She was interested at first but all the loud noises scared her so she and Heath headed out.

Then we slowly made our way home through the large crowd. We had a slumber party but everyone was pretty much ready for bed.

In the morning I cooked up a double batch of big fluffy pancakes and packed some then we went to Peanut’s soccer game.

They played a really tough team that scored several goals. Peanut’s team did not get discouraged and kept playing really hard. Peanut does not like to lose so he was really running all over the place and trying so hard on offence and defence.

Near the end his efforts paid off and he scored the only goal for his team. They had really earned it and everyone was so excited. 

After the game we rushed home and helped load up the cars and get ready for a camp out. We actually got everything packed, all the people in cars, and lunch from McDonald’s all taken care of within an hour of the game ending. Then we drove 2 hrs to Tony’s farm. Right away we started having fun. Felicia gave Peanut a 4 wheeler ride and Tony and Jon hopped on ridding lawn mowers and started mowing an area for our tents. image

The rest of us took turns on the two 4 wheelers and pulled the girls around on a walk.


Alli slept the whole drive but Pumpkin was not feeling well and did not so shortly after getting settled in we put up her pack and play in the camper and laid her down for a nap. The rest of us made our way to a little creak bed that a road goes over and took turns ridding through.




It was really hot out and the water was clear and felt really good so we all did this a bunch.




I’m sure Peanut did it the most though.


Eventually we turned off the 4 wheelers and decided to roll up our jeans and walk down the creek.


The water felt great and it was a perfect day. I ran back and forth from the creek to the camper every few minutes to check on Pumpkin but she was out hard. Eventually we all headed back and some people changed clothes and Pumpkin got up and we all wondered down to a pond near our little pallet shanty to go hunting.


We all fanned out in some thick brush and kept our eyes pealed.


Right away we started finding our prey


And before long we had a handful of mushrooms in our bucket.


All the mushrooms were right around the same spot and we found them all in the first few minutes but we kept looking for a while after that. Then we went up to the pond and fished. Right away Peanut started reeling them in.


He caught several fish.
While he was fishing we set up a nice big trot line that went all the way across the pond and had probably 20 hooks loaded with chicken livers and little fish hanging from it. I didn’t take any pictures of it. Once it was loaded and Peanut had caught enough fish we headed back up to the barn and started working on dinner and fires.



We burned a big pile of wood and used the coals to cook up a bunch of fries, burger toppings and baked beans. We also set up a charcoal grill and used it for burgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and sausage. We cut up a bunch of regular fries plus some sweet potato fries and cut up all the mushrooms and sautayed them with onion and oil.



Everything was really good and we were hungry and ate a lot.




After dinner we hung out by the fire and talked and relaxed. We sang Happy Birthday to Tony and broke out a cake Chiaki had made. Eventually it was time for the kids to get ready for bed and stop screwing around.


We took Pumpkin for a little walk to calm her down and she looked pretty comfy.


Then we put Pumpkin and Peanut in the camper and sent them to bed and the rest of us hung out by the fire.

We checked on our trot line and it was empty. Then we all went to bed. Peanut slept great but Pumpkin got up once at 3am. Heath and I took turns rocking her back to sleep then she was out till 9am Sunday.

This post is too long and Sunday was pretty boring so I’ll rush through the rest. We built up the fire and made and ate a big breakfast. Put everything away and cleaned up then rushed home. Heath and Peanut changed, ate and rushed to another soccer game while I laid down Pumpkin for a nap. We watched movies on the couch and cooked a big delicious pan of chicken, veggies and curry. We all took big showers/baths and went to bed early.

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