The Troublemakers

Pumpkin was already started on dinner 1 when I got home. Nanny left and I let Pumpkin finish up her tortillas filled with refried beans and cheese. We worked a bit on pointing to parts on our bodies and dancing and I got started on dinner. I browned a pound of turkey burger and added sweet potato and squash chunks and let all that cook a while then added zucchini, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and a can of cream of mushroom soup. I got out the baking mix and made a 1/2 batch of biscuit dough then laid it in the bottom of a dish and cooked it some. Then I poured in my slightly creamy mix of veggies and turkey.

Heath and Peanut got home and got changed then I passed off the dinner to Heath and I got changed. She topped the dish with a thin layer of velveta then added chunks from an old broken up pie crust I found in the freezer.

We stuck the turkey pot pie in the toaster at 250F for 60 minutes then we went for a bike/run. Peanut rode his bike, Pumpkin watched from the jogging stroller and Heath and I ran. We stayed in the neighborhood and looked for kids. We went up and down streets and eventually made our way to the close school and the playground. There were kids playing so we joined them.


Peanut was all over the playground and all the little girls there wanted to play with Pumpkin and help her out but she does not really need a lot of help and mostly just wanted to chase after them and be one of the big kids.


We played for a while then ran some more. We ran past our home and looked for more kids but didn’t find any. Once home Peanut and Pumpkin played in the front a bit, Heath weeded and I finished dinner. I switched the toaster to broil and browned the top for a few minutes. I set the table on the deck, set the dinner out there and called everyone in.

Pumpkin does an okay job with a spoon eating yogurt, cottage cheese and things like that

So I decided go give her a toddler fork and a pile of pot pie and let her get busy.

Just like with her fingers she went after all the sweet potatoes and squash first, then the carrots just in case they are sweet potatoes or squash and then moved on to the biscuit and broccoli. She did a great job using the fork as intended but if something would not stick when stabbed she would use her hand to put it on the fork.

Heath, Pumpkin and I cleaned our plates then kept getting a little more and a little more while waiting for Peanut to finish. Then we cleaned the table and headed inside. We showed Peanut the 4 wheeler video from the weekend and talked about our summer trip some. Then Heath and I cracked the first Red Raspberry Ale and tried it out.


It was probably not either of our favorites but it was not bad. It smelled delicious but I was not wild about the artificial flavor extract and Heath thought the hops were a little strong for a fruity beer. I really hope to get busy brewing a new batch soon. I have a porter, brown ale and wheat ready to go and a coffee stout that will be ready to bottle in about a week.

I cleaned the kitchen dishes, counters and floor and Heath stuck the kids in the tub and cleaned them up. Then we read to the kids and tucked them in.  Heath was feeling a little sick and we have been terrible about watching DVDs from Netflixs so we tossed in Death Proof

We both really liked this and started cracking up at the end. In the middle Heath said she was probably going to have nightmares but I think her cold/flu/whatever probably kept her from sleeping enough for any.

After the movie we went to bed.



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