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In case the mess in the picture above does not give it away I went to Aldi on my way home from work last night. I had a quarter but no bags. I got 3+ flats of canned goods, just about one of every fruit and vegtable, 2 gallons of milk and boxes of all sorts of things. It was a pretty awesome $140 cart. Somehow I imeadiatly lost the recipt after exiting the store so I don’t know how many items.

When I got home Heath had taken the kids to Peanut’s soccer practice. I unloaded all the groceries and put them away then I had some work stuff to do real quick. Once it was done I headed next door to help watch Stephen and Nate put up gutters. They had done the whole house except for 1 corner the weekend before and were just finishing up.  I was curious because I have a corner that sits too low on my house and does not drain. I’ve known I need to fix it but never looked into fixing it. I passed them screws or hammers and watched the gutters go up until my fam came home. Heath had not worked and was still feeling pretty sick so she laid down and I took over. Peanut was working on home work and I cleared out the sink then stuck Pumpkin in it.

Lately when Pumpkin is in the sink she seems determined to overfill the sink. If the stopper is out, she will put it in, if the water is turned off she will turn it on. She is good and does not splash too much or try to stand up but the minute I turn my back the water is on. When I pull the plunger to drain the water she acts like there is a bomb and she needs to get that plunger back in before the water is gone or it will blow. It’s a pretty funny game. Once I tired of the sink game I dried her off, put on pajamas and had her pick out 3 big books and take them to mama to read. Peanut got his homework done and showered, brushed teeth, got on pajamas and then climbed into bed to read. I got Pumpkin from Heath and tucked her in.

While all this was going on I was making dinner for Heath and I and checked on it every once in a while. Then Peanut and I read about a bunch of dinosaurs and he went to bed. Heath had made a little pizza for the kids after school but her and I were pretty hungry. I made a unique soup/stew from brown rice, black beans, spices and veggies.

It had a lot of good stuff in it and a lot of red pepper in it so it helped drain Heath’s nose. While she was eating and watching the fat show or something I got Peanut’s lunch made and kitchen/family room all cleaned up. I moved all the camping stuff down to the basement and cleaned up in the garage until 9:00. Then I got a bowl of dinner and joined Heath in bed. We watched some of Benjamin Button and barely stayed awake an hour. This morning I made some tasty French toast and split a good section of the wood pile.

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