Strawberry Pancakes

There is so much to get done at our house. So many projects and daily things to get done. We tried to hurry last night and be productive. Pumpkin and I started on dinner right away when I got home. The Sickly Miss Heath had requested pancakes made with fresh strawberries and whip cream for dinner. So I started off making batter and cutting berries. While the flapjacks were frying I warmed up some shells and cheese w/ peas in them and added ground turkey and velveta. Then I made omelets and a pot of decaff coffee. I finished cooking just as Peanut and Heath came in. Peanut saw the pancakes on the stove and and got really excited for dinner. He set the table on the deck and we all got busy. I had just about cleaned my plate when I realized I had no pictures so I quickly snagged the camera and took a picture of Heath’s 1/2 devoured plate.

It was really nice outside and dinner was really good. I made a really big pile of pancakes but in the end there was only one left. Of course both the kids loved them. Peanut and I made sandwiches with ours filling in the middle with whip cream.

Surprisingly Pumpkin was the civilized one using her fork like a big girl.

Using a fork is a fairly new skill we have been working on and she does great most of the time.

The peaches were a little slippery and sometimes fell off when she was working them into her mouth.

After dinner we quickly cleaned up, loaded up the back of my truck with stuff for the goodwill and then the kids and I hopped in the van and went Mother’s day shopping. Obviously I don’t want to talk about this too much but I think we did a pretty good job. While we were shopping Heath took the stuff to Goodwill, actually to the DAV and then did some shopping herself.

We got home first and the kids hopped in the tub and blew bubbles and played.

I went to the kitchen and cleaned dishes and started slow cooking chicken for tonight and occasionally yelled out that the kids needed to use soap and get clean not play. I got some really tasty chicken prepared. Heath came home and Pumpkin hopped out of the tub and ran around laughing at our reaction to a naked laughing baby running around. Eventually I caught her and got her in pajamas. We read and she went to sleep. Heath showed Peanut all the new clothes she got for him and then got him in bed. Then Heath showed me all the stuff she got. We got distracted with these foam letter floor mats and tried to make them spell stuff for way to long. Eventually we spelled donut and share and just stuck the rest of the letters together and stuck them in the kitchen to stand on while making dinner.

Then Heath looked at paperwork and talked on the phone and I got after a huge pile of laundry. I got it all folded and put away. Heath came in at the put away stage and got her stuff put away. It was bed time by this point so we called it a night.

Tonight I plan on using the slow cooked pulled chicken to make tacos. I plan to wrap the chicken in home made tortillas but I have never made home made tortillas. I’m going to use the internet for help but if anyone has any experience or tips let me know.

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