Pappy’s Tortillas will Blow Your Mind

The 1st half of the night was intense and the last half was relaxing. When I got home from work Nanny reported on a good day and headed out. I started getting ready to cook some dinner and Pumpkin started getting ready to make me crazy. Then Stooks came over to join in the cinco de mayo fun.

I wanted to figure out how to make home made tortillas and experiment with them some.
Matt wanted to have a beer and a margarita and hang out.
I have no idea what Pumpkin wanted, I picked her up, I put her down, I gave her a veriety of different foods, I put her in the sink, I tickled her, I offered her toys, I gave her drinks and I even ignored her. She just wanted to stand right in front of me and yell at me.

We are getting some pictures this weekend and the photographer stopped by to see if we could shoot them in our house if it rains. So I left Pumpkin in the chair with Matt and showed him around the family room, garage and basement looking for the best spot. Eventually he left and I went back to trying to make tortillas and Pumpkin went back to trying to keep me from it. Eventually I got some dough made and rolled out some weird flat shape.Then I tossed it on the stove on a hot skillet.

I followed a really simple recipe since it was my first time. 2 cup of flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup oil. I mixed the dry ingredients, then added the oil and mixed then the water and kneaded. Then I rolled up a little ball and used a rolling pin to roll it flat.

This made maybe 5 tortillas of various shapes and sizes. I cooked them for a min or two on each side. They did not look very good. They looked really brittle and not all that appetizing. I had planned to play with the recipe or try this one. .5 cup of whole wheat flour, .5 cup of ap bleached flour, 1/4 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp baking powder, 1/8 tsp garlic powder, 1/8 tsp ground black pepper, a little over 1/4 cup of water, 1/8 cup oil. But the first ones appeared so bad and I could not take Pumpkin’s yelling anymore so I waved my white flag and retreated to the couch to sit with Pumpkin and sip a margarita. The margaritas were really good. 1/2 a can of frozen lime concentrate, 1 can diet sprite (aldi version) random frozen fruit bag, random ice, 12 oz house tequila.

Heath and Peanut had come home during tortilla cooking and Peanut was working on his homework and Heath had our crock pots w/ lots of Mexican food in them leftover from her work party. So I decided to just plug them in, cut up some cilantro and not cook anymore. Pumpkin was much happier with us sitting on the couches and Heath read her a story. When Peanut finished his homework we moved stuff to the table.

The tortillas had cooled and I was determined to try it unless it fell apart as I built my taco.

I was surprised they were strong and sturdy like the should be.We all got some tacos ready and dug in.

It was awesome! What a surprise. I wished I had made more and some different verities. They were soft and strong and tasted great. The chicken, beans, cilantro and enchilada sauce were really great in them. I ended up filling two tacos and then eating a pile of things that had fallen out with chips.

Pumpkin was hungry and ate a good dinner too and it seemed some of her fussyness was due to being hungry even though I had tried to feed her earlier.

We cleaned up and screwed around some after dinner then Peanut took a shower and I got Pumpkin in pajamas and then we read about Barney and Baby Bop throwing a party and she went to bed.

Stooks, Heath and I collapsed into the couches and watched a bunch of TV till bed time. There were a disaster pile of dishes and crock pots and stuff this morning for me to clean up so no splitting wood. It has been 2 weeks since I brewed my Java Stout so I decided to pop the lid off and take a gravity reading.
Camera 360

That weird shape in there is a sock full of coffee beans. To get the java flazor I submerged coffee beans in cool water for 4ish days. Then I poured the water into the brew and put the beans in a sock, tied a not in one end and tossed them in. (I cleaned and boiled the sock first) So I took my reading hoping to get a 1.010 showing my beer was done fermenting and about 5% alcohol by volume and ready to bottle.
Camera 360

Unfortunately it was only at 1.020 and about 3.6% alcohol. So to get my yeast busy I shook up the bucket a bit and moved it to a warmer climate. So I can’t really bottle tonight but I can get started on another batch in my second bucket. I’d love to hear some requests I have a wheat, brown ale and power porter, what will fit our tastes in about 4 weeks?

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