It’s Warming Up

High of 92 Today.image

Friday night I got home first and found out about Pumpkin’s day. Then she had a snack and we headed outside. We picked up sticks and filled the wheel barrow and got the lawn all cleared and ready to mow. Pumpkin figured out what I was doing and did a good job of looking for sticks and putting them in the wheel barrow too. When Heath and Peanut got home I started mowing, first the front and then the back. Heath and the kids went to US Toy to get toys to put on top of cup cakes for Peanut’s pretend birthday party at school. (since he has a summer birthday he gets to celebrate today)

It took a while but I eventually got all the yard mowed. Heath and the kids had come home and Heath had made some dinner for us. We sat on the deck and ate since it was so nice out. After dinner we cleaned up the kids and the kitchen some and headed out front. I started setting up brewing supplies and getting ready to brew a batch of Boundary Waters Wheat. It got kinda dark out and I took Pumpkin inside and read her a few books and she went to sleep. When I came back out Stephen, Becky, Peanut and Heath were playing soccer and getting Peanut ready for his game Saturday morning. We played for a while then Peanut went to bed and we brewed. We sat around the turkey fryer and had a few drinks and monitored temperatures and added ingredients. Near the end of last boil we ran out of propane and the boil stopped. So we quickly moved the brew kettle inside.

It was still really hot so got boiling again pretty quick and we were able to complete the process. The wheat turned out darker then I expected but smelled awesome and and had perfect readings. We moved it to a bucket and stashed it away for a few weeks. Then we headed to bed.

It was an early morning. Heath got up summer early and cleaned and stuff then went to Paola to work on something with her mom. I split wood and stacked wood and started getting things ready for a party. I got the wheat grains from brewing and cut up a bunch of strawberries then tossed them and some other ingredients into the bread maker for some bread.


The kids got up and ate and Heath came home and we went to Peanut’s soccer game.

It was pretty warm out there. Peanut started in goal and then got out on the field. It was tied for a long time and the teams were fairly even matched for a while.

The other team picked it up in the second half and our boys were hot and worn out and they started scoring on us.

But our team still had a good time.

Pumpkin was sleepy and hot but we had snacks to keep her occupied.

After the game we headed home and the girls laid down for a nap. Peanut did too because he was grumpy but after 30 minutes he was not asleep so I got him up and let him play wii.

I worked on party preparation stuff until 3 then I split wood until Jon, Amanda and Alli showed up. They picked up a canoe and dropped off Alli. Pumpkin started fussing through the monitor so I got her up and I got Peanut to help me and we played in the pool.


Alli screamed whenever I tried to put her in the pool but she was really interested in the toys so I put her in the car. She liked this much better then the cool water.


Pumpkin was all about the water, hot or cold and really liked the bucket of toys. Her favorite part was the bucket.

Heath got up from her nap and she and Peanut headed to church. The girls got tired of the tub so we moved inside. They snacked and played and zombied out watching baby brain.

I kept an eye on them and got dinner made and a cake baked.  As soon as Heath and Peanut got home we ate dinner and shortly later people started showing up. We had a lot left to do to get the house ready but we hurried and it all gone done or at least the important stuff like the cake

and the punch.

Everyone arrived and moved to the deck and waited for Jon and Amanda.

When it was time I moved to the roof armed with a bucket of helicopter seeds.

I kept an eye on the front yard and when the pulled up I let the crowd know. Amanda came walking out to the deck and Alli was the only one she could see untill everyone yelled surprise and I dropped all the helicopters.


Amanda was super excited for the party.

We all hung out and had cake and drinks and celebrated. Then the kids all went to bed and we moved to the yard and started up the fire I had built earlier.


It was a really nice night out and we kept a fire going good. We also set up a spot light pointed on a little stage.



We formed teams and played guesstures (charades).

It was a lot of fun and we played a bunch of games late into the night before turning off the lights and music and heading to bed.

The kids and I were up first and I got them eating then made a breakfast pizza. The camera was still in my chair from the night before so no pictures but It was a big crust of home made biscuit dough then a layer of cheese, then sausage, ham, onions, cilantro, scrambled eggs, salsa, cream cheese and then another layer of shreded cheese and topped with hashbrowns. It was really good and I’m looking forward to the leftovers at lunch today.

After breakfast we showered and got dressed in nice clothes. Heath’s family showed up and we headed to Loose part for professional photographs. Some of her siblings, some of our family and some of everyone. It was really nice outside and we all looked pretty good.  We moved around and shot for an hour and I think got a lot of really good ones. Hopefully I will get them and can show them off later this week.

After pictures we picked up a bunch of BBQ from Smokestack and ate. Then Heath’s family left and we headed to meet up with my family. We met at my mom’s house then headed to watch the T-Bones play baseball.


My brother in law Chris had a whole suite box for us to watch the game on the deck, or in the ac. The kids did great and snacked for most of the game.

Around the 7th inning we went to the park and let the kids play.


Then we rejoined our suite.

The T-bones started getting beat pretty bad and we had a busy weekend so we snuck out early and headed home. Heath made cupcakes and we ate leftovers and got ready for the next week. I am pretty sure I was out shortly after 9pm.

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