Swimmers and Owls


All our pictures are from the Little Blue River today. We have a real nice spot with some gravel bars and some deep holes and a log to sit on and some little rapid spots. All we cared about last night though was cooling off.


After work it was pretty hot. I did some work work stuff for a bit and then started cooking dinner. Pumpkin got naked and played in the kiddy pool with our neighbor and Heath talked to his mom. We made up some burritos with ground turkey, refried beans and hash browns in them. After dinner we changed and rushed to the river.  IMG_1585

Of course Pumpkin was crazy about the water.

She was laughing and squirming and kicking her legs and having a great time. I tried rolling her on her back some but she would just laugh and fight to get back upright.


Once we were cool we played on the edge a bit and Pumpkin worked on her throwing arm.

We wondered around in and out of the water until it was getting late.


The hike in and out is short but has some high weeds and we were a little worried about nettles and poison ivy but I don’t think anything got us. Once we got into the clearing we started hearing an owl calling and then a second. Pumpkin started saying Owl and then we spotted him/her up in the trees.

While shooting pictures we saw another large bird fly by and it was the other owl.  IMG_1615

Pumpkin got good at saying owl and laughed at me when I “WHOOoo”ed

We headed home and the girls hopped in the shower and I wiped down my legs and arms with a baby wipe. Then I got Pumpkin in pajamas and read a story to her. Then I loaded brush in my truck bed from the front pile and drove it to the back. I split for a little bit then got trash out and set up the pump in the pond. Eventually I got a real shower and heath and I relaxed and wached some TV before falling asleep.

PS today’s post was pretty late because Pumpkin had a doc appointment this morning and I just got around to doing it.

PPS Pumpkin is in great healthy shape

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