Close your Mouth you Stinker


I have no new pictures of videos for you. I didn’t take any last night and the professional ones from the weekend are still being edited and I’ve shown all my old videos. Yesterday we were pretty busy and I had the camera in my pocket but never used it. Right after work I picked up Pumpkin from the sitter and we got Heath then went to Sutherland’s and picked out a few tomato plants, broccoli plants, some kind of  hot red peppers and not so hot yellow peppers. Then we went to Aldi and grabbed milk and tortilla chips. Then we went home and Pumpkin and I hopped in my truck and grabbed an armful of Pumpkin stuff and food.

Heath stayed in the van and went to a big PTA meeting while Pumpkin and I went to my mom’s. We were both hungry and helped get dinner going right away. Pumpkin stuffed her face with strawberries and blueberries plus lots of potatoes, mashed, boiled, sweet and some squash. Mom and I made burritos with some really nice steak and mushrooms and refried beans and stuff in them.

After dinner mom and Pumpkin played and it sounded like they were up to all sorts of fun. I headed to the back bedroom computer armed with mom’s cell phone. Mom joined the club and got rid of her cable bill. She dropped home phone, internet and cable tv. She uses her cell for calling, an antenna for TV and after some work by me she can now use her phone plugged into her computer for internet. I didn’t have to hack her phone or anything to get it to work and the internet was speedy.

Once mom was all set Pumpkin and I packed up and headed home. I changed her butt, put on pajamas, read some books and then tucked her in. It started to rain and I worked on random things around the house then sat down with a glass of apfelwien. Heath got home and we watched some tv on the couch and then headed to bed.

Saturday morning I’m planning to rent a big wood splitter and get rid of my nastiest wood chunks. I think it is going to be really fun to use and would like to invite anyone to come help and play.

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