Accepting Donations for a Pool in Pumpkin’s Room

Alright 5th post in a row with Pumpkin in water at the top. While Pumpkin was in the pool Heath was doing a bit of gardening and I was cooking dinner and working on the wood area in preparation for tomorrow’s wood splitter.  I hope to get started around 9am and quickly cut through all the nasty stuff but we will see.

I cooked up a stir fry deal for dinner with a bunch of vegetables and shrimp and scallops. We scooped it onto piles of the wanta be rice stuff called quinoa. While eating dinner we watched House. After dinner we made ice cream cones and headed to Walmart. We added asparagus and onion to our garden collection and got some mulch to make some areas look nice.  Hopefully tonight we will get the rest of our veggies in the ground.

After Walmart we unloaded the van and Heath got Pumpkin in bed. I did some cleaning up then cracked the lid on my Java Stout.

(that is a sock full of coffee beans in the middle)

I had already cleaned out the bottles and ran them through a hot cycle in the dishwasher so I got everything set up for bottling (including my mug of home brew).


When we brewed the Java Stout it was my first time using the turkey pot and I just filled it with water not thinking about how much I was using.


So instead of brewing a 5 gallon batch I ended up with about a 6 gallon batch. This is not a big deal but all the flavor and alcohol is a little more diluted then the recipe calls for. The beer finished off at about 4% instead of higher because of this. I’m not too worried about this though because Heath and I tried some of the 80F flat beer last night and it was great.

We ended up with nearly 50 bottles once we had all of it bottled and many of those bottles are oversized.


We pretty much bottled and sampled till bed time then I stashed them away for at least 2 weeks and decided to put off cleaning up until this morning. If I get another tank of propane and  finish getting my wood situation ready and helping Heath get the plants in the ground then I plan to brew my power porter that will likely have a very high alcohol content.

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