Pumpkin does not like to Smile for the Camera

And Pappy smiles like a doofus.

And apparently Heath’s brother smells

and nobody is right here.

kidding aside we did get some good pictures from our mother’s day photo shoot.

I picked up Pumpkin from the sitters on my way home and she was having fun with the other kids and being nice to them. We headed home and she had a little snack played with her toys and watched some Sesame Street. I started cutting things and putting them in a pan. We had curry sauce on top and wheat noodles on the bottom and a mix of a bunch of veggies, starches, meat and fruits in the middle. Heath and Peanut got home and I was still working on dinner so Peanut went down the street to play with some friends. I finished and Pumpkin and I went to get Peanut then we sat down to dinner.

Dinner was good and Heath, Pumpkin and I had multiple servings in our little bowls. Peanut was in a slow mood and eventually ate enough to qualify for dessert. We all had cheesecake leftovers with sliced frozen strawberries on it. Then we cleaned up the table and moved into the front for some gardening.

I found cups and then Peanut put the cups on top of the plants and then he and Heath spread mulch around our cup/plants.

At first Pumpkin wanted to ride Peanut’s old bike so I made her wear his helmet.

Her feet were pretty far from the peddles but she liked to be up there like a big girl. Eventually she lost her “dada” engine and she moved into the car and kept an eye on the gardeners.

They got all the mulch spread on 1/2 of the garden then removed the cups and filled around the plants.  Then we needed the wheelbarrow to remove all the leaves and weeds from the other side of the garden. The kids helped me bring it over.

We took the long way and made a few laps of the yard.

Once we had it full of junk, Peanut carried it to the compost corner of the yard.

Heath and Peanut did more gardening and I took Pumpkin inside and stuck her in the tub. The front area is looking pretty good now and Heath got all the veggies watered last night and again this morning so they can start building us tasty treats.

Peanut got a bath and Pumpkin got on pajamas and they both got read to and put in bed. Heath and I did laundry and dishes and cleaned the house and bathroom and bedroom. We cooked up a bunch of taco meat and veggies for tonight’s dinner. My sister and Chris came by and picked up their dogs. We have been watching them for a few days while they were out of town so Berry had to say bye to his brother and friend.

An hour before normal bedtime we quit working on stuff, started the last load of laundry for the night and went to bed. We had the tv on but I think both of us fell right asleep. I was so well rested this morning I got all the split wood from the weekend stacked and then split some more from the pile. Tonight Jon and I plan to resume working on the kitchen remodel by getting the beam in the attic together. It’s a heavy guy so if anyone wants to come lift it with us feel free to come by.

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