I’m a Single Dad till Monday

Camera 360

Yesterday I left work a little early and rushed home. Heath and the kids were packing up the van. I packed a cooler and then we all loaded in and hit the road. We drove up to the airport ahead of traffic and then we all gave Heath hugs and kisses and wished her a good flight. She is headed to Florida to spend some time helping out her sick Grandma.

Once Heath was gone we headed over to Brian’s house to check in on him and baby Jack. Jack was polishing off a bottle of milk and then Brian let him into his play seat thing down on the ground at Pumpkin’s level. Pumpkin was excited to check on the cats and the toys. She was not excited about sharing Jack’s toys with Jack and got in trouble a few times. Peanut watched some episodes of spiderman and Brain and I cracked a few home brews I brought in the cooler.

Pumpkin ate some squash and yogurt in Jack’s high chair and then we took the kids outside to play.  Camera 360

Pumpkin was really curious about the pond but somehow she did not get in. At one point she took off her pants and started scooting backwards towards it but I told her no in time. Peanut finished Spiderman and came out to play tag with the dog.

Camera 360

It got late and everyone was getting hungry again so we headed home. On the way Peanut decided on tacos so I picked him up 2 soft tacos and me 2 of whatever the $0.99 special is cheesy ricey beefy melty things.  Well Peanut wanted to try a bite of mine so I let him and then Pumpkin screamed so he gave her a chunk and before we were home one of my burritos was gone Pumpkin loved it so I set her in the chair and gave her my other one.

Camera 360

She ate all of it and Peanut ate pretty much all of his tacos. Then he took a shower while Pumpkin finished dinner. Then they both got on pajamas and Pumpkin and I tucked Peanut into bed and then I tucked Pumpkin in to bed. I filled a pan with chips and scraped all the bits of taco and burrito droppings onto them then added any leftovers I could find and added them and then a good layer of shredded cheese. I ate my dinner and boiled some noodles for pasta salad and got some mixed beans cooking also for the salad and then headed to bed early.

This morning I got up early and cooked a turkey ham for the pasta salad and made the kids lunches and breakfasts then split wood till it was time to get Peanut and me ready to go. We hit the road early and I made it to work on time.

I’m playing with some video stuff for the radio station this morning and while testing I set up my laptop so Heath would not be lonely in Florida. You all can keep an eye on me in real time too. At least until I go to meetings or turn off my laptop.

Live TV : Ustream

I turned off the sound so you would not hear any secrets and hopefully I don’t forget about it and pick my nose. Otherwise it should be pretty facinating to watch me watching my computer. Highlights will be when I take a sip of tea.


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