Baby Bump

It looks worse in real life, at least from dad eyes.

When I got home from work Amanda and Alli were hanging out with Nanny and Pumpkin. Alli is going to come play today so they were getting to know each other. Nanny left and I hung out with Amanda for a bit and was feeding the girls some dehydrated fruit. Pumpkin was full of energy and excitement and running around crazy. She came over to me and got some fruit then took off running again but hit a crease in the rug and tripped and fell face to corner of speaker on the ground. It was a nasty fall and hurt bad. I got some ice and some ice cream Pumpkin stopped crying before I even gave her a bite of ice cream but would scream and writhe anytime I put the ice on. I was not sure what to do and several times I would hold her down and apply the ice then decide that was more traumatic then the fall and quit, then look at the bump and try again. Pumpkin would hold the ice on her own head but not anywhere near the sore spot.

Amanda headed home and Pumpkin and I headed to Peanut’s school to pick him up. We picked him up and swung by Stooks house. Stooks was not home so I called him but as soon as I called he pulled up. We went in and the kids ran around a bit and checked out all his stuff. Then Pumpkin played us some music

Camera 360

And Peanut added some artwork.

Camera 360

Star Wars themed of course.We hung out for a while then got on with our busy night. We headed over to Aldi and loaded up a cart with groceries. A box of cheese nips was one of the first things we got and I opened it and set it next to Pumpkin and she was great the whole time just sitting there snacking and watching Peanut and I going to find items and put them in the cart.

Once home the kids took baths after we worked together to unload the groceries. While the kids were getting clean playing and splashing I tossed some cheddar hot dogs on the grill and some corn and green beans on the stove. I got Pumpkin out and put a diaper on her and Peanut put on pajamas and then we sat down to eat.

I had originally cooked 4 hot dogs but then decided to throw the whole pack on and I’m glad I did. Both kids ate 2 whole hot dogs. Peanut even had buns around his. Pumpkin’s were cut into long thing fries and the cheese oozed¬† out. They both loved the fresh cantaloupe and corn on the cob.

The corn was $0.99 for 4 and wrapped in a plastic container so I didn’t expect it to be good but it actually was great.

After dinner Peanut brushed his teeth and we picked up our dinner stuff and then I put on Pumpkin’s pajamas and wiped her down and then Peanut got a couple books and we sat down and read about marshmallows and some knights. Then Pumpkin and I tucked him in and read another short book in her room and then I tucked her in.¬† Then I cleaned up a little bit and brought up a ton of clean laundry from the basement. I put on a movie and started folding.

I know I still had a whole basket to fold when bedtime came and went and I kept folding and then eventually got it all done and put away so I could turn off the movie and go to bed.

This morning I built an awesome packed pasta salad that I am excited to work over all weekend and once again Peanut and I got out the door early and to work and school on time.

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  1. Heather says:

    My poor baby!!!!

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