Heath is Back

and I’m about to leave.

I went strait from work to the airport and picked up Heath. We came home got the lasagna started in the oven then went to get Pumpkin from the sitter. We got the rest of dinner stuff ready when we got home then ate. While eating we watched Gringhouse and had a great new beer.

 IMG_1791 JS – Java Stout

The beer was just as tasty as I had imagined. We will have a hard time sharing this one. After a couple good beers and some tasty lasagna we moved right into some ice cream for dessert and the 3 of us shared. Once we were done Heath and I were sitting on the couch watching the movie and Pumpkin went to her room and got her hat and shoes and started pointing at the sunscreen. We knew there was work to do outside but were being lazy and waiting for the sun to cool down a bit. Pumpkin was not feeling lazy and got the motivation to go outside started.

I mowed the lawn and Heath and Pumpkin worked on the gardens, the sandbox and the pool. I got all the front and the back done and when I finished they were washing dishes in one sink and Pumpkin in the other. I got some trash ready to go out and then started packing while Heath read to Pumpkin and put her down to sleep. Then we got on the computer for a bit and bought a new waterproof camera since were headed on a backpacking river adventure and our last waterproof one died this winter.

Once our new camera was ordered we finished the movie and headed to bed.

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