The Spray Park is Back


I worked a bit late, Nanny was gone, Heath was cleaning the kitchen and Peanut was playing legos and watching TV when I got home. I think we were all feeling a bit itchy from our weekend and hot from the heat so we decided to postpone dinner and cool off.  DSCF3277

We put on swimsuits and headed over to Sunnyside Park and headed over to the spray park. Pumpkin brought a couple balls and Peanut brought a bunch of trucks. The water was pretty cold and we kept to the edges at first.


But before long the kids and I were soaking wet.


At the begining there were just a few other people but the crowd slowly grew and by the time we left there was quite a lot of kids and parents running around cooling off.  DSCF3272

Pumpkin was never crazy about the cold water spraying her face but she was curious to play some. Eventually she started shivering and was more interested in being wrapped in a towl and watching the other kids.


We got Peanut out of there and headed home. Dinner was quick so I tossed it together and we had some popsicles while waiting.

We had some chicken and green beans and corn and bread. Everyone ate pretty good then we headed to Aldi. We were low on a lot of stuff and just got paid so it was time to get serious about groceries.

Like any Aldi trip we worked our way up and down each isle tossing in the items we needed. Pumpkin snacked on Animal Crackers right from the beginning, Peanut helped us pick out things, and Heath checked for Weight Watcher Points on my phone. Eventually we checked out and paid for all 130 item.

We put the kids in the car and let them share a banana while Heath and I bagged and boxed everything up in the back.

Once home we unloaded groceries and got the kids ready for bed and got the kitchen cleaned up and read books and brushed teeth. Heath and I did some laundry then decided to hang out in bed and watch tv for the end of the night and get to bed early. This morning I did more laundry, cleaned up the house, made apple Cinnamon pancakes, put away the camping gear and split some wood.

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