Give the Camera Back

I forgot my camera today so I don’t have the pictures from last night with me. Here is another new video from the weekend trip though.

Heath and I had a tentative plan to possibly take the canoe out in the neighborhood creek and see how Pumpkin liked it. We knew the weather may not cooperate and on our ways home we decided not to try. I got home and got started on dinner. I was craving potatoes and apparently Pumpkin was too as she kept trying to reach the pan of them on the stove.  I also cooked some noodles with cheesy sauce and lots of broccoli, and carrots. Dinner was close to ready when I abandoned it and helped Heath load the kids in the car and go to Emery’s Place Daycare. This is a place we are considering taking Pumpkin too. We met the owner and got a tour of the place. It was a regular house converted to a daycare and was still full of kids.

Our kids immediately joined in the fun and started checking out the kids and toys. We talked to the lady for a while and she gave us all the ins and outs on the place. Then we headed out just as it was about to rain. This made us feel good about canceling our canoe plans. We swung by another daycare place and got some contact info and checked it out (it was closed) then headed home. Dinner was almost ready so I warmed it up and added a bunch of tuna to the cheesy noodles and Peanut set the table then we ate. We also had cantaloupe and apple slices.

After dinner we cleared the table and I made some dessert and we headed downstairs. We had some toaster made smores and played pool, and popped popcorn in the popper. Peanut had a good time and I think I got some good pictures of him shooting and Pumpkin playing with lots of beaded necklaces and bouncing the exercise ball around. We played a couple games and then it got late and Pumpkin filled her diaper so we headed upstairs. Heath did some dishes, Peanut took a shower and I changed Pumpkin, read her a few stories and put her to bed. Heath headed to her aunts house and I folded lots and lots of  laundry. I put it away then turned off the lights and got ready for bed. Heath came home and we went to bed.


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