Unplanned trip back to the spray park.

It was hot when we got home. I got part of dinner started then got stuff for swimming. All the parents and kids got on swimsuits and an assortment of towels, snacks and toys. Then we headed to the little kiddie neighborhood pool in Brookside. We called Amanda on the way and she and Allie joined in.

Unfortunately when we arrived at the pool we found it empty and still full of debris. It;s not open for the season yet. So we decided to head back to the spray park since we already had on our suits and were hot. As we pulled up to the park we remembered they are closed Thursday for cleaning and we saw a guy there cleaning it. We decided we were probably not getting wet and should just play at the playground.

Jon came over from work and we all talked and watched the kids run around and have fun.  DSCF3311

The girls played on the swings and went down the slides a bunch then the guy finished the cleaning the spray park and we headed over to test it out.


Pumpkin and Peanut and I cooled off and played with some toys and everyone else avoided the cool water.


Eventually hunger started taking over and we all headed home for dinner. I got back to cooking and Peanut took a shower.  Heath did some cleaning and Pumpkin started eating. I made a big stirfry with deer, chicken, pineapple and lots of veggies in a tangy sweet sauce.

After dinner Heath worked on dishes and Pumpkin in the sink at the same time. I started packing for the weekend and then read to Pumpkin and got her in bed while Heath and Peanut got him packed for the weekend.

We all spent some time packing and cleaning up and getting things prepared. Then Peanut went to bed, Heath made ice cream cones and I pealed labels off beer bottles and got them cleaned.  When I finished with the bottles it was bedtime.

Here are some pictures from the night before that I didn’t have yesterday.

dinner (cheesy tuna pasta, fried potatoes, sliced canteloupe and apples, and a frosty mug of homemade java stout)

dessert (toaster smores with green icing instead of chocolate)

Kids on trampoline

Pool shark

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