Laid-Back Chillin’

 IMG_03281 adult chair holds 2.5 Izzi (Izzi is the plural of Pumpkin)

Friday was a rush to beat the traffic. I picked up Stephen on my way home and Matt was there already. Heath was getting ready to go to Nebraska for the weekend for a bachelorete party and Pumpkin was snoozing. Heath and her friend Julie finished tossing all their stuff into the van and left. We tossed all out stuff into Matt’s car and then grabbed Pumpkin and left ourselves.  About 2 hours later we were at Big Lake village where Matt’s folks have a place.


The lake is about ready to flood so everyone has their boats off the water and their houses prepped for a flood. The water was a little high but not too bad and we sort of had the lake to ourselves besides the animals.



When we got out of the car it was so much more comfortable then it had been when we left. We had planned to swim right away but we didn’t really need to anymore.


Since the house was ready for a flood we had to turn on the power and water and move some things around.


Then we were pretty hungry so fired up the grill and got out some snacks.


We cooked some brauts and hot dogs and had a few beer 30s we picked up from the gas station on the way in. We hung out for a while and let the house cool down and just enjoyed the weather.


Then I got Pumpkin cleaned up and setup the pack and play for her in a bedroom.  We put on her pajamas and read some books then I laid her down to go to sleep. I checked in on her a little latter and she had climbed out of the pack and play and onto the bed and was flipping through a book in the dim light. She saw me peak in and knew she was in trouble and tried to run for it.


I put her back in the crib and told her to go night night. I checked a while later real carefully and she was back on the bed with the book. I decided to leave her and let her fall asleep there. Matt, Stephen and I went out to the boat dock and put our feet in for a while and hung out. Once it started to get cool we hauled over all the firewood pile and started a fire.


We stayed up late enjoying the fire and weather before going to bed. Pumpkin shared the bed with me and we did pretty good. At 8am the AC kicked off in our room and she woke up. I tried for about an hour to keep sleeping and I knew she did not get enough sleep but eventually I gave up and we got up. We tried to quietly sneak outside without bother anyone but Pumpkin did not do a good job.  Everyone got up and Pumpkin was grouchy so we decided to start on breakfast.


In the rush to get out we forgot the biscuits for our biscuits and gravy so we had the supper healthy meal of sausage patties, bacon strips, fried potatoes and gravy.


After eating Pumpkin was a little better but still sleepy.


So we went outside to get some swiming in and to wear her out for a nap.


Pumpkin loved jumping off the dock to me or sitting on the edge splashing her feet.  DSCF3353

We played and swam for quite a while but eventually her need to sleep took over and she would not keep her hat on and tried to throw everything in the water and tried to jump in where I was not at. So we went in and she laid down for a nap. This time she slept in the crib and fell right asleep.  We went back to the water and blew up some rafts.


After a while in the lake it started to get overcast and then cooled off and started to rain. We got out and Stephen decided to take a nap and Matt and I made bacon cheese burgers.


We had a good lunch and then the sun came back out and it got hot again. We heard Pumpkin waking up and headed inside. I got her a snack and changed and Matt fell asleep and Stephen woke up. We went back outside and it was getting overcast again so we packed everything up. We got the car loaded and and the house flood ready again and then woke up Matt and told him it was time to go.

We headed home and everyone was pretty beat. I made a pizza on biscuit dough and put Pumpkin to bed early. Matt hung out for a bit then went home. I took a good shower then headed to bed early but ended up getting caught up in some tv for a while.

In the morning Pumpkin slept in late giving me time to be productive. I unpacked all our stuff and cleaned up. I washed about 50 beer bottles, sanitized them and then bottled my wheat.


Since it was early in the morning I had a Java stout while bottling. I bottled a few with no extra sugar and instead stuck a cherry or two in them as a little experiment. Once I had them all done I took a reading on my brown ale and found it was ready also. So I got 50 more bottles and and started cleaning them.

When Pumpkin got up we shared a big breakfast and then worked on all sorts of little projects around the house. We fixed the screen door, watered the plants, fixed a clog in the rain barrel and then hung on the deck for a bit.

Pumpkin cooled off in the pool and I scraped beer labels off bottles.

We had not turned on our AC yet and the house got up to 94 so we stayed outside most of the day.

We had some late lunch and Pumpkin laid down for a nap. While she was asleep I headed out front and did some chain sawing on my pile. Heath came home and checked in then headed to Paola to pick up Peanut. I finished up chain sawing the bottled my brown ale.  DSCF3369

It had a great smell and the little I tasted was good. It’s supposed to be a crowd pleaser and easy to drink when it’s done.


I filled about 50 bottles DSCF3370

Then capped and labeled them.


Then moved everything to the basement shower where the temp is nice and if anything explodes there is a drain. The shower was packed with the 100 beers.


I got started cleaning the kitchen and at 4 I woke up Pumpkin. She had a snack then read some books while I cleaned the kitchen up, started on dinner and mopped the floor. We went back outside for her to swim and me to work on bottles and then we cleaned up everything. Heath and Peanut came back so we had dinner.

We had a bunch of various leftovers then the kids played in the pool some more and I headed downstairs. Heath had given the ok to turn on the air but the house was too hot. We set up 4 little bed areas in the cool basement. Then the kids got cleaned up and in pajamas and ready for bed. We all laid around Peanut’s air mattress and watched Yo Gaba Gaba. When it was over both the kids went to bed. Heath and I cleaned up the house some more and made sure it was sealed up for the AC and got ourselves cleaned up good then laid down in the spare bedroom and watched some TV before going to bed.

I got called from the station at 4:30 this morning and was on the phone for a while. I discovered the AC was not working and did a little trouble shooting and decided I would be unable to go back to sleep. I put away some brewing stuff that was drying and then got dressed and headed out to split wood. I split a bunch and when it was really light I tried to figure out what was going on with the AC. We put fresh water in the pool and made plans to call service.  We got ready for work and I made a bunch of scrambled eggs and left.

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